Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Bucket List 2017

This promises to be a Fall like no other.

I'll be having mastectomy surgery on October 20th. 
I've made an ambitious list, I know. 
I want to squeeze all the joy I can from the season.
I'll just enjoy what I can, and trust God that 
Autumn will come again.

I'll change each item to italics as I complete it. 

  • Write my fall bucket list
  • Celebrate First Day of Fall September 22nd
  • Celebrate end of chemo cycle September 29th
  • Enjoy candy pumpkins
  • Sip apple cider
  • Shop for a new sweater - I've looked online. Nothing yet.
  • Burn cinnamony, pumpkiny, spicy fall candles
  • Queen's Apples - apple slices with caramel and pecans
  • Knit a hat ~ I cast on October 7th. Finished October 12th.
  • Baked cookies with Amy.
  • Destination Unknown with the kids- Lamberts' Thrown Rolls
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Watch Christmas movies*  
  • Lunch with Rebecca and Amber
  • Mastectomy Surgery October 20th - Home now. Doctors say it went well. Still in pain. Updated 10/24.
  • Gaze into the fire in our woodstove
  • Take a drive to look at fall foliage 
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Curl up with a terrific book
  • Enjoy a candle lit evening
  • Enjoy a play at Stained Glass Theater - Arsenic and Old Lace
  • Drink eggnog
  • Try a new soup or stew - A friend brought lasagna soup
  • Take a walk and enjoy the maple leaves
  • Read a wonderful Christmas book ~ Christmas at Grey Sage
  • Bake bread ~ My Lowell did it for me.
  • Worship God under the stars
  • Collect leaves to decorate
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving
  • Hurrah for the pecan pie!
  • Read by candlelight or lamplight
  • Decorate Tree with the Kids
  • Make friendship tea
  • Bake pumpkin shaped cut out sugar cookies
  • Roast marshmallows for s'mores
  • Go to a bonfire or enjoy our outdoor fireplace
  • Make Christmas gifts
  • Harvest Celebration Cake
  • Make bitty blessings from the Lanes
  • Plan Christmas gifts
  • Make apple crisp
Have you made a Fall Bucket List?
Please share your link in the comments.

Thank you for your prayers.

Squeezing Out the Joy

Well, I didn't finish the list, but I enjoyed
the season far more than if I hadn't made a list.
God bless us every one.
December 1, 2017

Christmas movies I've watched this Fall:
A Christmas Snow
Christmas Tail
 All I Want for Christmas
Christmas in Connecticut


  1. Prayers that your surgery goes well! That is quite the list :)


  2. I had a double Mastectomy 13 yrs ago...never regretted it...and now, I will have a hysterectomy on the 31st. My mother and mother in law have asked, "Are you sure?" Really folks, there is no choice...and I am perfectly happy with doing so. Not having "lady parts" as my mom and mother in law have referred as, is not bothering me...its this or have the non cancerous tumor grow and have risks of other issues and such. No thanks...I am ready to start the next 40-50 yrs of my life, just saying, smiles.

    Again, I wrote to much here. My apologies for not staying in touch...just dealing with a lot at the moment...smiles-- I am keeping you in sweet prayers, my friend.

  3. Dear Laura, I love your list! I have never made a list but you have inspired me to do so.
    I'm praying for you in your journey. I think of you every day.

  4. I trust God that you will get to do every, single thing on your bucket list, my friend.

  5. LOL your list is as long as mine, and if your like me it will get longer :-)

  6. oops

  7. Yes dear that list is ambitious - but I have no problem believing that you will do it.
    Many can be done together!
    I think most of those would be on a list for myself as well.
    Health and healing. God bless

  8. That is some bucket list. i decorated for Fall,bought pumpkins,apples,holiday cakes and decorated for Halloween. I have been reading Christmas books and purchased some Christmas gifts. Have a good day.

  9. That's an ambitious list Laura! I now have a list that says "make a bucket list" thanks to you. After you told me that I was a no-reply blogger, I went to try to correct it. I read a lot of posted info there and seems Blogger is now making people a no-reply because people were having trouble with people trying to break into their email using the addresses. I think you can still reply to no-reply bloggers. I have done it several times and I think it went through. It just means they are no longer displaying the email addresses, thus showing no-reply instead. Thanks for letting me know.

  10. Praying for you, for a safe surgery, and a full and speedy recovery. Love your list. Many are mine as well. Soup and bread with friends (combined perhaps with some card or board games) sounds wonderful.

  11. This is a beautiful fall bucket list. I've never made a bucket list. Maybe I'll start this fall. I will pray for your surgery to go well, and for a full recovery.

  12. a good fun list! I love a bucket list like this (no work). I might just need to make one. Thanks for the wonderful message on my facebook.

  13. Laura, I'm gonna make a fall bucket list and put similar fun things on it as you have. My bucket lists have seemed to be all work and not much enjoyment lately. Thank you for your are a wonderful blessing. I'm keeping you in my prayers and you will be especially in my thoughts and prayers on surgery day. Find comfort in knowing the surgeon will be accompanying the Lord that day..and you will be on the road to a full recovery in no time. A gentle hug, Karla

  14. That is such a good list! I've never made one. All my list are work that needs to be done. No fun at all. I'll be happy when you can cross off the surgery and have all that behind you. I think about you a lot. You have such a good spirit.

  15. That is noce to donate a hat. I made and donated some at twwo hospitals in my late aunts name, and made and donated preemie hats with booties.

  16. Thank you for following me, I added your button to my blog, and I sent you an email :-)

  17. You've got this!!! I'm praying your surgery will be a piece of cake, compared to the chemo! Try to enjoy your Fall!

  18. I always enjoy your bucket lists. Prayers.

  19. Sweet friend!
    Prayers for your surgery...
    And for a blessed and festive fall season.
    Enjoy. : )

  20. Hi Laura, dropping by to see how you are doing..

  21. Thank you for the reminder that life goes on even when I am troubled. I have to see past the leaving of our daughter's family for the mission field to living life beyond. We have a week planned at our lake house later this month and it is the perfect time to go with the leaves changing around the lake. I want to plan for a nice Thanksgiving since our newest grandson will be here for the first time. I want to enjoy the beautiful weather and get outside. I want to have a bonfire and hotdogs and smores. I want to go to see the new movie about LL Milne. I want to plan for what is next after we know if my husband will be able to work again. I want to learn how to be a part of our overseas grandchildren's lives even though we will be so far apart.

  22. That is a very good bucket list dear friend. I m sure ready for it to feel like fall! Huggles.

  23. What a wonderful and fun list Laura. Whatever you don't get to this year will be waiting for you next year my friend. :) Praying for you and your upcoming surgery.

  24. I pray that squeezes of joy ate found everywhere and in unexpected places for you, my sweet precious friend! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope you have a full bucket list of joy this fall season. Hugs, blessings and prayers for you!

  25. Loved your list! Praying for you friend. <><

  26. I''m glad you have a good, fun list to look forward to. And, although it's not fun, I'm glad you have your surgery scheduled. I know people who have made that choice, and they are happy and healthy right now.

  27. I'm sorry you are going through this difficult season. I'm glad you can find joy in it, and praying that most of all you may find peace and joy in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

  28. I love this idea - think I'm going to create one too! Thanks for posting it!

  29. This is a wonderful list! I have yet to come up with a fall bucket list, I think you've just inspired me. I wanted to also let you know I'm sending healing hugs and love your way.
    -Dean (@Mrs_AOK)


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