Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wherever You Go

He goes with me everywhere—
even into the radiation room 
where I'm alone.
He goes with you everywhere.
You are never alone.


  1. Yes, yes, yes sweet Laura, you are never alone! And walking by faith is tough at times, when you are alone, and can see no one, but faith sees that which is unseen, and I know He is with you, holding your hand, comforting, strengthening, and giving His grace to you for each terrifying and uncertain moment. You continue to be in my prayers sweet friend, believing that when this treatment is all done that you will have complete healing in Jesus name with no lasting side effects! Much love to you today!

  2. Yes He does Laura, and He holds us in the palm of His hand. What comfort and assurance. Be Blessed.

  3. Amén, gloria a Dios, así es mi querida hermanita. Nuestro Dios, cual Padre amoroso, nos lleva siempre tomado de Su mano derecha y no nos suelta. De seguro El está ahí contigo en tu radiación. Muchos besitos preciosa hermanita, Dios te continúe fortaleciendo y bendiciendo 😘😘🙏🙏

  4. God has blessed you and your family Laura. Thank you for sharing your faith, inspiration and Love of God with all us that enjoy your blog. You truly are a warrior in God's Army, and all the "trials and tribulations" you have faced are part of His divine plan to strengthen you. You are, in my opinion, a mighty strong example of FAITH IN THE LORD PERSONIFIED! God WILL continue to bless you- bask in His gracious Glory dear lady. Gentle Hugs, Karla


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