Monday, September 27, 2021

Fall is in the Air!

Today begins the first full week of
 my favorite season of the year—

I'll soon be hanging my fall wreath 
and decorating with pumpkins and fall leaves.
I've been enjoying an apple cider fragrance cube in my warmer.

I'm dreaming of soups and stews.
 I even made apple zucchini pecan spice bread.
Oh the fragrance and
the taste were delightful.

We enjoyed cooler weather at a nearby bluegrass festival over the weekend. It was so nice to enjoy the outdoors and good music.

So I say so long to summer and hello to fall with joy!

Be blessed and seize the joy in each day.

Grateful for Another Autumn


  1. It is still so hot here in SC that we will have to trust the calendar! We will be going up to the NC mountains tomorrow and we will stop at the apple stand and see if our favorites are available yet and I would love a bushel of culls for applesauce. I am really wanting apple crisp and vanilla ice cream!

  2. Happy Fall Y'all! We have had a few chilly nights here so far, which excites me for cooler weather. My nephew had an outdoor birthday party yesterday, but it was so hot outside, we all ended up inside the house. :-))

    1. Yes we've had our hot days here too, Patty. Yesterday we had a beautifully cool morning. I really enjoyed it. You know, I did not end up sewing this month. I hope I to make some time to do it in October. It makes me feel pretty silly, because I've made that blog post about it. Usually, if I write a blog post, I feel more accountable. 🙂 Be blessed!

  3. Yes I love Autumn as we call it here. The cake sounds good.

    1. When I lived in Michigan as a child, we called it Autumn. I've always preferred that name. Here in Missouri, it's usually Fall.


  5. I love fall! And I enjoy your fall posts, Laura. Happy Fall!

    1. Hello Camie,
      Thanks so much. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. Ready for more fall here! Lots of rain again and the days are cool enough to sit out more watching Sylvia be silly!

    1. We've had some cool mornings. I think we are going to have some rain tonight. Thanks for sticking with me all these years. Someday I'll get one of your huggles.
      Be blessed, Laura


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