Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #146

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Hello dear reader,

  It's getting nice here in Southwest Missouri. Finally we are enjoying some early fall temperatures.  It's hard to imagine the leaves changing in time for our Maple Leaf Festival here in Carthage, but we can hope. It's been a quiet week for me. I spent most of my time around the house. It was strange to have a rainy day and no one to bake cookies with.

  I met another one of my neighbors today. We exchanged our phone numbers and our spouses' phone numbers just in case. It's good to know and look out for our neighbors. So far, I have met neighbors from five houses on our street. Now that it's cooling off, I hope to meet more. Do you know your neighbors? Have you exchanged phone numbers with them just in case? I hope you do. We all need to be friendly and make the places we live as much like Mayberry as we can. ~smile~
  • I saved $5 with a discount and two coupons when I went to Knit Night and bought queso and chips. I was able to take some home to the family, too. They were happy to enjoy the snack. Tuesday nights I sometimes splurge and go off my Trim Healthy Mama Plan.
  • I'm knitting socks for my husband's birthday with yarn that a friend gave me when she went through her yarn stash. Thanks Shelly. 
  • Shopped at Aldi.
  • We bought ground chuck and ground sausage for $1.99 a pound at Worden's Meats
  • I saved money by staying home and not spending money this week. 
  • I answered several surveys with Swagbucks. I am saving up for Christmas.
  • My husband helped decorate the house for fall with things we had in storage. No new decorations so far. 
  • My daughter, Amy, made an amazing Butternut pie that tastes just like pumpkin pie. My friend, Joyce, grew it in her garden and gave it to me.

      Thank you for visiting, I value your comments and opinions. I've made lots of friends here that have been so encouraging and kind. God bless you all!

    Redefining Laura


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      1. Sounds like a very frugal week for you. I do personally know several neighbors and have phone numbers. It is always a plus. We look out for each other.
        I had a good frugal week as well.

        1. Good for you, Cheryl. We never know when something might happen, and we might need to contact our neighbors. Plus, it's just nice to make friends with those who live close by. That way, if there ever is something that is a problem, friends can work it out easier than strangers.Hugs to you,Laura 

      2. Good thing you are meeting your neighbors. We know our immediate neighbors, though we don't really socialize with them that often. Everyone is so busy these days. I checked out your paypal link. Best wishes for a new computer soon!

        1. 🌷Thank you Penny. I appreciate your help and prayers!

      3. Our neighborhood is a community. I joined Nextdoor and was shocked at how neighbors on there are bickering and accusing each other of things. We have never seen such a thing on our street. We have never had a burglary or any crime in the 25 years we have been here and I think it is because we all look out for each other. Our neighbor boys work for us helping out with the yard and we lend tools and ladders around to them. They built bat houses and put them up to lower the mosquito population and awe all benefited. We had a snake in out house and they lent us a snake trap. When my husband was in the coma almost three years ago neighbors brought in meals. As much as we desire a smaller one story house on less land we do not want to leave these neighbors. We are truly blessed!

        1. 🌷 I think I would want to stay in your neighborhood, too! It sounds great.


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