Monday, February 15, 2021

A Winter Chat


Keep your tea cup filled! It's cold outside!
 Hello All!

 We're finally getting some snow! Welcome winter! It's supposed to stay really cold this week, hovering around zero. It's chilly in the house. I sure miss our old wood stove at our country house. My husband is trying a new beef stew recipe, and I'm about to make a version of a low carb chocolate cheesecake. The trouble is that I cannot find my spring-form pan. I was sure I knew where I put it after we moved. I was mistaken. I'm going to try making it in a 13x9 pan and scooping it out. It is no-bake. If it tastes good, I'll share the source later. 

I've challenged myself for February to do some things in addition to my regular housework. 

  • Sewing: Sew a baby dress with matching diaper cover (Dress finished, cover is this week's sewing)  
  • Knitting: Knit a pair of child's mittens (First time in years) and knit 10 rows a day on my husband's socks 
  • Correspondence: Write one letter or card a day and send it. 
  • Cooking: Try four new low-carb recipes. 
  • Education: Duolingo language lesson daily and listening to The Old Testament
I'm keeping at it each day, and I'm making progress. It adds interest and keeps the days from running together since I'm almost exclusively at home now. 

So, I've got to go work on that cheesecake. The kitchen will be warmer than the dining room where my desk is. ~smile~ Be blessed. Here are some ideas for things you can try this week.

Enjoy each day dearies! It's the stuff life is made of. 

God bless you all,

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

P.S. If you want to correspond by mail, please send your address to and let me know. 


  1. Good afternoon Laura, it is so cold here in OK!
    I think I’ll do cross stitch this afternoon
    I expect your cheesecake will be just fine in a different pan.
    Are you doing THM? I’ve been thinking about going back to it but trying to do it without many special ingredients. The sugar subs just don’t agree with my tummy anymore

    Hope y’all have a wonderful day with your stew and cheesecake

    1. Hi Rhonda,
      The cheesecake came out fine. Yum! I am not doing THM yet, but I do need to return to it. For the month of February, I am avoiding sugar and bread. I'll add or subtract as needed in March. ~smile~ I'm a bit overwhelmed by dealing with food right now. I'm getting ready to have surgery March first. Again.
      Have a wonderful week!

  2. Greetings, Dear Friend! I love the pretty tea cup! I normally drink a couple of cups of hot tea a day (year round), but have been drinking much more in this cold weather. I miss wood heat, too! The low carb chocolate cheesecake sounds good. Can't wait to hear how it turns out. Sounds like you've set some good goals for the month and are staying busy with good projects. Have a blessed week ahead and stay warm! Love you! <3

    1. Hello Friend Rebecca, The cheesecake was rich and chocolatey delicious! I'll have to share a link to the recipe soon. Staying warm may not be easy. It was -18 degrees this morning!Hugs,Laura

  3. The baby dress and diaper cover sounds precious. I’ve been itching to do some little girl night gowns. My house is cold. We put tile floors throughout to make our house dog friendly. Brrrr! But we also keep our thermostat on 69 . We flip the gas logs on and off to get warmer when we need it. I usually sit under a blanket if I’m not up and stirring. I do think writing out our goals helps to accomplish more. I need to write out a few.

    1. Hello Penny, I had so much fun making the little dress. It reminded me of the days when I made doll clothes for my girls. The first Christmas that I didn't do that was sad for me. Our house is cold, too. We keep it at 66 at night, and between 66 and 68 during the day. We have a large window in the front room that isn't insulated. It lets in a lot of cold air. We've got several blankets that get a lot of use when we're sitting. Have a wonderful weekend. Warmer weather will prevail!Laura

  4. Hello!
    I would love to chat over a cup of tea and a cookie.
    As it is we shall do so virtually, knowing each one of us is thinking of the other. I hope your cheesecake came out beautifully, and that you are cozy as can be! Have a lovely Tuesday, my friend.

    1. It did come out beautifully Billie Jo, except, I couldn't find my spring form pan after the move! So I put it in a 13x9 and it came out just fine. I'll share the link to the recipe soon.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day at home 🏠♥️

    1. Oh yes ma'am it was! I've already finished the diaper cover. Today I helped my husband with book work for his business. Tonight I'll knit a bit. It's cold, but cozy. Oh, and I'm going to make snow ice cream, too!


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