Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Good News!



I haven't looked forward to summer like this in years! This gal is tired from teaching all those great little IEP kids (Individual Educational Plan). I've loved it, but my plan was to sub a couple of days a week. This has been four days a week for over three months now! 

I'll miss the kids, but I look forward to getting my house clean again, clearing some clutter, spending awake time with my husband, reading, sleeping in until 6:30 or so, walking my little dog early in the morning, seeing friends, maybe taking a short trip with my man, and getting back to sewing, writing and creativity!

So hang on a little longer! I know I've not written much in the last few months, but I'll be back soon. Thank you to all of you who have not given up on me. I was on assignment for the LORD. ~smile~ I"ve enjoyed loving on these kids— many of whom are just starving for attention, while also teaching them.

Be watching for my summer bucket list and my summer reading list. It will be fun making them this year.

Blessings to you all!
Happy that I'll be home again soon!


  1. Teachers truly do the Lord's work. And your efforts will live on with the next generation. So thank you.

  2. You were where you were needed and that is special. Glad you get a respite soon and I hope you enjoy your summer! Blessings

  3. You have been a faithful servant! Well done!

  4. Enjoy your summer break :)


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