Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A Fairy Tale Christmas Complete with Castle

   I'll never forget our first Christmas in Carthage. It was like a fairy tale. We moved from a city to this little town that we thought was like Mayberry. It only had 11,000 people at the time. With our little toddler, we made 11,003. ~smile~ 

   It seemed like everyone decorated for Christmas back then. There were horse and carriage rides on the square, lots of unique shops, lots of friendly people, and a courthouse that looked like a castle. 

  That first Christmas, Grandma Judy, my husband's mother, rode a Greyhound bus down to Carthage to spend Christmas with us. When Grandma Judy was with us, it was a holiday! 

  The kids are all grown now. We built a lot of traditions over the years. Now we're in the process of sorting which ones will continue and which will become memories. Hopefully, the kids will look back and remember their childhood as the good old days. 

  What makes it feel like a holiday to you? 

Find the joy, let the stress slip away. 
Love God. Love others. 

Blessings from Carthage,


  1. The Christmases when the kiddos were small...we spent those with my parents. And, yes, the grandparents made it a holiday, for sure! So grateful for so many good memories!

  2. I hope your children do look back and consider their Christmases of past as the good, old days too. I hope the same for my daughter. We decorated our tree on Friday and we always share stories of where each ornament came from. It was a fun time. :)

  3. I may be wrong but sometimes I think I remember more lights, too. I have loved so many things and traditions of my childhood. Thank you. 😊


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