Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Love a Rainy Day!

We are having the most beautiful day here in Southwest Missouri. A gentle spring rain has been falling since early this morning. Many folks just don't like rainy days. Sometimes it seems like rainy days just spoil our plans. Many many years ago I made a choice. I chose to embrace the rainy days, to enjoy them as fully as I can. I love living in a house with an overhanging roof. It allows me to open the windows in all but the worst of storms. I love listening to the rain as it falls. To me, it's such a calm, peaceful, restful sound. Of course, sometimes we have quite a storm. I'm always glad my Lowell is home when it gets loud. I used to have quite a fear of thunderstorms. I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, where thunderstorms often meant a trip to the basement. Over the years, I've come to fear them less. I think we must if we are to show faith in God's protection to our children.

I'm trying to teach my children to enjoy rainy days as well. Their favorite part is that we often bake on rainy days. My 10 year old daughter is currently mixing up a loaf of bread in the breadmaker. She is enjoying learning to bake. She just begged me to let her make brownies today; but, alas, we used all of the eggs for scrambled eggs this morning! Bread was her next best option. I think I'm going to try to make a nice fish chowder this evening with some fish I have in the freezer. I made it once before and it was delicious. Now, if I can just find the recipe!

Enjoy your day, rain or shine!

Laura of Harvest Lane
Happy at Home
May I suggest?

Momma Laura's Homemade-From-Scratch Fudgy Brownies


  1. Hello,
    I have a question:How did you come
    to like rainy days?

    Will you answer this in your next
    blog intry?

    Your's respectfully,

    Anne Andrews

  2. I love to lay in bed and listen to the rain, all cosy beneath the covers and feeling safe.


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