Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Does "Happy Holidays" Bother You?

Happy Christmas Season Everyone!

Don't let anyone spoil "Happy Holidays" for you. 

Just accept the good wishes in peace!


wish them a happy Christmas!


  1. Good morning Laura,

    I agree with you. Isn't it nice that a person wants to wish you a good day - no matter what the phrase they use?

    Merry Christmas!

  2. A Merry Christmas to you...and I say Merry Christmas...{smiles}--many Blessings to you sweet friend.

  3. Hello Friend. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope you are doing well!
    Blessings Roxy

  4. I don't think a thing about it. It has been said for years before they whole "issue". I agree with what Hope said. It is nice they even greet you. Love your blog. Visited from Annabel's.

  5. Hi Laura,
    I LOVE Merry Christmas... So , if they say Happy holidays, I say Thankyou and Merry
    Love keeping Christ in Christmas..
    Have a blessed day.

  6. I have happy holidays, but I wish people Merry Christmas.
    I'm not offended by them saying it though.

  7. Hi Laura, Happy Holidays doesn't bother me a bit. I say Merry Christmas but even before political correctness, I thought happy holidays just meant Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in one phrase.

    I'm glad you are getting traffic from my blog. Many of the people who read my blog like to read blogs with same similar points of view and they use my sidebar kind of like a blog reader. One time when I was in a simplifying mood, I removed my favorite blogs from the sidebar and I got so many complaints. So, I keep sweet blogs like yours right there in the side of my blog where they are easy for others to keep up with.

    I'm also glad you and your family enjoyed the little box :)

  8. I'm with you Judy! Just love it when folks are friendly, don't you?

  9. Doesn't the word holiday come from holy day? Happy or Merry, it's Christmas! I like them both.

  10. Have a very Merry Christmas Laura and a Blessed New Year!! ♡
    Hugs, Amy

  11. You too, Amy, you too.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  12. I'm with you, Annie.
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.
    Happy Advent and Happy New Year!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  13. Hi Linda,
    I actually say happy Christmas.

    "I don't make merry at Christmas, and I can't afford to make idle people merry."

    Okay, I didn't have enough sleep last night. I'm having a geeky, goofy morning! That was Scrooge.

    Seriously, merry isn't a normal word in my vocabulary. Happy is. Also, in The Night Before Christmas Santa says, "Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night."

    Golly, I'm doing some weird rambling this morning! Oh, now you know I like you. You've been invited into my missing sleep world!

  14. Absolutely Hope. I love it when folks are friendly.


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