Monday, December 14, 2015

My Daybook ~ December 14, 2015

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 My Daybook
December 7, 2015

Outside my window... It's a gray morning.

I am thinking... about how to get everything done I need to do this week.

I am thankful that... even if all doesn't go as planned, we will still have a happy Christmas.

From the kitchen... I'll start my holiday baking. We currently have two outside events that require sweet treats. We also have our tree trimming party tonight, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to prepare for. I'll have my kids help. I also want to make Candy Cane Cocoa. 

I am wearing... my old red dress. I'll change before I go out.  It's cold by the window.

I am creating... nothing really. That's really strange for me. I usually make lots of things for Christmas. See the kitchen list above.

I am going... just regular taxi service for the family. I'm going to have to start taking my oldest son to work because his current ride is having car problems. I really should put out a tip jar. ~smile~ My second son just got his driver's license, so he may want to help with some of the driving.

I am reading... I am reading The Good Wife's Guide, Embracing Your Role as Helpmeet  by Darlene Schacht.

I am hoping... to find peace and joy this Christmas season. It must come from the Holy Spirit.

I am learning... to let go of my expectations.

I am planning... I need to be planning Christmas meals.

am hearing... the traffic on the highway. Lots of folks on the way to work. We live off a major north south highway that connects to a major east west highway.

Around the house... 
  • I need to declutter more things to give away. 
  • Laundry beckons as it always does.
  • I need to wrap a few more gifts.
  • I need to decorate more.
  • I need to get ready for our family's tree trimming party tonight
  • I need to grocery shop and prepare food and bake.
One of my favorite things...  listening to Christmas music on Spotify or Pandora for free.

A Favorite Quote for Today... 
"That was a happy Christmas."  (Click for the whole quote.) 
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week... 
  • Working at the restaurant
  • Tree trimming party!
  • Planning out menus for Christmas week.
  • Church Christmas dinner on Wednesday
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Decorating
  • Planning
  • Driving
  • Shopping
  • Baking
  • I'm going to choose something from my Christmas Bucket List to do this week.
From the Board Room...
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What are you up to this week?

God bless!


  1. Your list sounds much like mine, my friend!
    I need to get planning our meals, and making the list for the store.
    But as you stated...Christmas will come. And all will be well.
    Enjoy these weeks of preparation.
    We wait so long, and they pass so quickly!
    Blessings from Pennsylvania!

  2. This is such a sweet and memorable thing you do, Laura! I just love reading into your week. I hope you can find some time to complete a bucket list project.
    Roxy and I baked all day yesterday. Not too much to wear us out, but just enough to make us tired. :)
    I normally love to bake all the time, but this year has been a struggle to get motivated. My Christmas Joy seems faint this year.
    The only things I have this week is my son's guitar class and finishing Christmas shopping with my hubby. I'm kind of glad I don't have a lot going on, sometimes we just need to be still and really take one moment at a time.
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Dear Amy,
    May God bless you with deep joy that carries through the year. Not a hyped up Christmas joy, but a Jesus joy. I wish I didn't have so much to do this week. I've had to help my husband a lot with his restaurant for the last several weeks. This week is our last week, and we have parties booked and at least one bus coming in. I have to be on call for him. I'm learning to have a better attitude about the disruptions. That's part of being a helpmeet. I hope you find peace and enjoy your season.

  4. Laura,
    Arent our to do list and expectations so long, this time of year? Of course, it is impossible to do it all.. smile
    I try so hard to have the house in perfect Christmas order. It is small, and when everyone walks becomes "instantaly" out of order.ha. Wonder why I stress about it to begin with.. I need to turn to my heavenly Father for help with this one.
    I think you are doing a great job, with all the extra you have to do.. hugs and Merry Christmas.. Judy

  5. I always enjoy reading about what you are up to. Ahh, expectations. I have had to let go of many of mine this year. All will be well, and in the end it just might end up to be better.

    Wishing you the best!

  6. Gray mornings are the best kind of mornings for reflection. :)

  7. Hi Judy,
    Yes, it's impossible to do it all, but it's nice to have a list anyway I think. I just have to be cognizant of keeping it all happy rather than getting it all done. God is our source for all encouragement.
    Blessings to you. Enjoy your month.

  8. Hi Judy,
    Yes, it's impossible to do it all, but it's nice to have a list anyway I think. I just have to be cognizant of keeping it all happy rather than getting it all done. God is our source for all encouragement.
    Blessings to you. Enjoy your month.

  9. Hey there Billie Jo,
    We just need to remember to keep the happy in happy Christmas!
    Blessings to you dear one!

  10. Hey there Billie Jo,
    We just need to remember to keep the happy in happy Christmas!
    Blessings to you dear one!

  11. Sounds like a very busy list! I often think I don't get much done but then look back and realize that yes, I did do some things maybe not all but still some things! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hello! Looks like we're on the same wavelength for Christmas! Be blessed!

  13. Hello friend. Oh your list sounds so much like mine. I am stuck in sadly with an Ulcer. UGH! I am trying to let go of my high expectations as each day rolls by and there is no way I can do all I think I "need" to do. Simply is a must for me this year. :) Blessings!!!

  14. Enjoyed your sharing.... again, smile!

    I did manage to donate a few things, and clear out many small scraps of paper I seem to hoard, too sentimental & cluttery am I :( Today it was old letters from a dear friend, those are hard letting go of because her health & family health are not so good, and I never know if I will get many more letters to read. But it is all part of trying to clear out around here, and it needs doing. So I am trying to be brave and more trusting by doing this, hoping for better days for her in the coming year.

    Bless you Laura!

  15. I like your plans and thoughts, thank you for sharing! And you pinboard is very inspiring!

  16. Hi Lynn,
    I once read a one of Laine's Letters that was called Busy as a Backward Bee. She wrote down everything she did as she did it for a day. She was amazed at the end of the day how many things she had done! I've done it, too. I felt like I'd done nothing, but I'd been busy all day.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. I am very curious about the book you posted. I have tons on my list to read. What are your opinions so far/ Deeply helpful?

  18. Laura, I love, love, love this sweet glimpse into your day! I can't choose a favorite entry, but I am very partial to the L.I. Wilder quote because I am a huge LH (the book series) fan and just finished reading the epic annotated "Pioneer Girl." AND, I have literally just walked in the house from listening, on CD book in my mama minivan, to the Christmas account from "On the Shores of Silver Lake." Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find yours!

  19. You have a lot going on! You are a brave woman want to declutter in this season! It's good to read a realistic look into another woman's day and thoughts. Thank you for the share. We did less decorating this year. Our Thanksgiving was big family time that we all put alot of effort into. I do lots of afternoon driving with my teens. The rest of the week is low key since last night was the last outside event. One duaghter's small group party was here; the other one went to another home. Taking it easy today. Merry Christmas! Linda visiting from Kathy's Home & Garden Party.

  20. Hi Hilary,

    You asked about The Good Wife's Guide. So far, I think it's helped improve my attitude about serving my husband and children. I'm just a few chapters in. It's been too busy around here to read much this week. Wonder why....

    This is in response to your comment on

    You are listed as a No Reply Blogger, so I couldn't email a reply to you. If you'd like to change that, you can read about it on this post.

    Blessings to you!
    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage


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