Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Down to the Wire...Timeline

Okay, Friends, we're down to the wire for Thanksgiving preparations. Hopefully, you've already cleaned, planned out menus, and gotten food in the house. Next, it's time to make a list of all the things you have to do from now until dinner is served tomorrow. I'm going to a friend, Mrs. Smith's, house with my family, but I'm bringing much of the feast with me.

I am responsible for the following items:




veggies for the dip she's making

2 pumpkin pies

1 pecan pie

That's nearly an entire feast in itself! I won't tell you all she's adding. You'll gain weight just reading the menu!

So next, you need to think about a time table. What can be made or prepared early?

I need to continue to thaw my turkey; it's not ready yet, though I did put it in the refrigerator 3 days early. So, I'll be thawing it in cold water in my sink, changing the water often.

The gravy will have to be a last minute thing.

The dressing will be my German Apple Stuffing that I've made nearly all the years I've been married. Many of the ingredients can be prepped early in the day. I'll put it all together tonight and bake it tomorrow.

I'll put the Sweet Potato Casserole together tonight as well.

The veggies for dipping can be cut up early today by a little pair of hands.

The pies, too can be made early today. First my hubby needs to make the pie crust for me. He's just so good at it! True confession, I'll have to make an extra pie for tonight. Everyone will have a terrible sweet tooth!

In addition to all of this, we have to eat today, too!

Get your comfortable working clothes and shoes on and let's get started! So, now that you have a To Do list, start to organize it by what can be done this morning, this afternoon, this evening, and tomorrow morning. Here's what it looks like for me this year:

Wednesday Morning:

Make coffee for hubby.

Make oatmeal.

Clean up from breakfast.

Put turkey in cold water to thaw.

Get my children busy cutting up the vegetables I'll need. I'll give them a list of sizes and amounts needed.

Make pie crusts. Hoping for My Honey's help with this one!

Make pumpkin pies.

Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips for lunch.

Clean up.

Take a break!

Wednesday Afternoon:

Check the turkey.

Make pecan pie.

Set Cool Whip in the refrigerator to thaw.

Put together the sweet potato casserole and put it in the refrigerator. I'll bake it tomorrow.

I'll have one of the children toast the bread for my German Apple Stuffing while I'm working in the kitchen.

Wednesday Evening:

Serve grilled cheese sandwiches and leftovers for dinner.

Clean up dinner.

Put the stuffing together.

Watch a movie with the family.

Thursday Morning:

Start the turkey early in the morning. I use a Reynold's cooking bag to make it quicker and easier.

Mid-morning, add the sweet potato casserole and the stuffing to the oven.

Cut the turkey and make the gravy.

Pack items to take to my Friend Laura's house for dinner.

Leave about 11:40.

Well, my friends, there's the plan. I'll follow it the best I can. Even if I don't do it perfectly, I'll still be ahead of the game.

Now, quick, sit down and make yourself a time table and get busy!

God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


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