Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Story from the Land of Oz....

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in the land of Kansas, a little tiny boy was born to a couple who had prayed for three years to have a baby. They had prayed for a name for him even though they thought he would be a she. They settled upon Matthew David because it means, "Beloved Gift of the Lord". When he was a month old, his Momma dressed him in a little preemie outfit. Then, his momma and daddy took him to church and dedicated him to God and to the Lord Jesus the Christ. And he grew and he grew and he grew....

He was his momma's world. She just adored him. She read all the books and listened to the experts and did the best she could. She wanted to do everything just right so that he would turn out just right. Silly Momma! She only needed her Jesus and her Bible and prayer. But, she didn't know that then. So, she tried and tried in her own strength and understanding. Because she only had so much strength and so much understanding, she did as we all have done. "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23. She made mistakes; but, she did pray and she did share the gospel with him, and she did love him like crazy. And he grew and he grew and he grew....

The momma and daddy felt the Lord tugging on their hearts and minds to homeschool their little boy. So began many years of lessons and learning for both the momma and the boy. And it was good. Then the little boy started praying for a sister, and God gave him a sister. Then he prayed for a brother, and God gave him a brother. Then he prayed for another baby and got another sister. And it was all very good. And he grew and he grew and he grew....

Then, when he was 16, the boy and the Daddy and the Momma decided he would go to the high school in town. He worked hard and graduated. His Momma and Daddy were very proud of all he did to finish, especially during the last few weeks when he worked some hard jobs without pay to meet his work study requirements to graduate.
Yes, that boy is my son, Matthew. I love him very much. He's got a strong mind and a strong will. For that matter, he's just plain strong!

I love you, Matthew, and I'm proud of you. I am glad that you think for yourself, even if I don't always agree. Love the Lord with all your heart mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Honor your mother and father that you may live long in the land the Lord has given you. Trust in the Lord. Pray without ceasing. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Be still and know that He is God. Be still and quiet and listen. Fill your mind and your heart with His words, the Bible, so that you will recognize His voice.

Father God, bless my son, please. Give him Your direction for his life. Be that friend that sticks closer than a brother to him. Thank you Father. Amen

Congratulations Matthew!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm Going to Wake Up With My Husband of 23 Years and My Sweetheart of 27 Years

Yes, we were high school sweethearts. Different high schools, but sweethearts nonetheless. I love him still. We didn't need to scratch the 7 year itcch. We didn't want each other to drop dead at a decade. We didn't lose the fire at fifteen. We didn't think twice at twenty. Today it's twenty-three. We don't want to be free.

We made our commitment to each other and to God twenty-three years ago at 4:00 in the afternoon. God was our witness. He was and He is a member in this three way covenant we made. Many trials and storms have come and gone in our life together. God has always strengthened us at just the right time.

We are Lowell and Laura...always and forever...until death do us part.

Lowell, I love you no matter what, no matter where, no matter....

Father God, I love You and I thank You for the grace and perseverance and trust in each other that You've given us. Thank you for teaching us very early never to say the D word, no matter what.

Happy Anniversary Honey!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

What'cha Doing This Weekend?

It's a busy weekend here. My daughter has already put the chicks out in the yard. They're getting big. I'll have to post another photo soon.

I've already made two trips to the store for items we needed for waffles. I was out of canola oil, butter, and canola oil spray. I also picked up the Glad plastic wrap and freezer bags that I'll need to put up corn in the freezer later today. I found corn at Pricecutter for $.10 an ear. I couldn't pass it up. So far I have about 50 ears. There's a limit of ten at a time; so, I'll have to make a few trips more if I want to stock up. I'm going to freeze some of it as ears and some of it as cut, according to the Ball Blue Book instructions.

When I got home, it was time to take my oldest son to work at the old fashioned hardware store down at the square. I stopped and asked about pumpkin plants at the farmer's market. No. So, we'll keep looking for seeds or plants. There aren't any down at the Farm and Home store.

We have a hog roast to go to tonight. We have a pot luck at church Sunday. So, I'll be preparing food for those as well. So, I guess the rest of my day will look a lot like this:

Clean up the kitchen. Hubby's making waffles, yum! Done!

Hang clothes on the line. Done!

Grind wheat for bread and make a big batch of bread and rolls. Ground wheat for waffles and cookies. I guess the bread and rolls will have to wait until Monday Sunday's our anniversary!

Bake the bread, rolls, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. No bread and rolls, but I did make chocolate chocolate chip cookes.

Make a big Saladmaster Health Salad. I didn't make it. I guess we'll do it Monday.

Grilled cheese for a late lunch. Done!

More clothes! Done!

Put up corn. 36 ears in the freezer. We ate some with chicken that my Honey grilled and sliced tomatoes for dinner. Very summery!

Get clothes ready for tonight and Sunday. Not quite done. It's a good thing church doesn't start until 10:00!

Put pinto beans to soak for tomorrow night's burritos. I've got to do this before bed.

I think that will be enough for today! Now, we'll see how I do!


Gotta get busy!

I didn't finish everything I set out to do. Oh well. Thank God for Monday!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Restful Quote

"Be at rest once more,
O my soul,
for the Lord has been good to you."

Psalm 116:7

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

44 and Counting

Today is my birthday. Thank You God for a great family that is already making it happy for me this morning. Thank You God for another birthday.

I'm 44. I may as well say it because my daughter has announced it to the world at church, on the local Christian radio station, and anywhere else and to whomever else she can think to announce it. ~smile~

In a way, I feel older on this birthday because my son, Matthew, is graduating from high school next week. How did I get to my father's age? I don't think of myself as old enough to have a high school graduate. I still feel like a kid trying to figure this life out most of the time. An old kid, that is. ~grin~

You know, the closer one gets to middle age, the older middle age gets. I like to think of middle age now as my fifties. The truth is, I've been in middle age for awhile. Forty-four is probably about as middle age as it gets. Not many of us can expect to live longer than our eighties. Most of us won't get there. It sounds so much better to say that I've lived half my life than three quarters though, doesn't it?

I have great hope for the future. My Grandma Mamie will celebrate her 87th birthday in a few months. She is more active and attractive now than she was 20 years ago! She is a busy lady with a full schedule. She drives where she wants and does what she wants. She's happy and full of life. I have hope that I will be the same at that age.

The key to Grandma's youthful energy and activity? She and I agreed when I was little that she would start counting backward when she was 50. It worked! She's now a teenager and a very happy one at that! You can bet I'll be counting backward from 50, too!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

FEAR ... Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope was fantastic. Things aren't nearly as bad as what the media would try to make us think.

I really like Dave's definition of fear.





We as Christians are to live by faith. Faith in God, not the economy.

I encourage you to check out Town Hall for Hope. You can also read more about fear here. You can read more about faith here.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Misses and Wishes and Thanks— My Mom

Mother's Day is coming up soon. I read an article in Homestead Happenings that brought tears to my eyes and made me miss my mom so much. This letter to God and my mom are the result of it. In a way, it's a tribute to her. If your mom has gone on to be with Jesus, I think you may relate.


Father God,
You know that I don't talk to my momma. You know that I believe you don't want us to try to contact the dead. But please, will you give my Mom this message? Tell my mom I love her. Tell her these things for me please Jesus.

Dear Mom,
I miss calling you on the phone anytime I need you saying, "This is Holly Homemaker hollering home for help."
I miss the you and me trips to the EZ Shop for a soda.
I miss running to garage sales on Saturday mornings to hunt for treasures.
I miss going to the grocery store together.
I miss cooking with you.
I miss singing in the car together.
I miss asking advice on this or that.
I miss your voice.
I miss your hugs.
I miss you bossing me around.
I miss your zest for life.
I miss your enthusiasm.
I miss your artistic talents.
I miss you holding me when I need it.
I miss you being my encourager.
I miss sitting with you on the back porch while you played the harmonica.
I miss sharing secrets with you.
I miss making Christmas together.
I miss your handwriting. It is so beautiful. Are you a scribe in Heaven?
I miss the accountability I had with you.

I wish we could make scrapbooks together. I know how we both love paper.
I wish we could worship God together, side by side, in harmony.
I wish you could brush Amy's hair; it's golden like yours was as a girl.
I wish you could sing and dance with Emily; she's so dramatic like you are.
I wish you could teach Michael more about drawing; he has your drawing talent.
I wish you could spend some one-on-one time with Matthew.
I wish we could take a mother-daughter get away, just the two of us, someplace special.
I wish you could see your first great-grandson, Braydon, and hold him in your arms. Think of it. You're 61 and you have a great-grandchild!
I wish you could come to Matthew's graduation.
I wish you had e-mail.

I love you Mom.

Thank You God for caring about all things in our hearts and in our emotions. Thank you for understanding the pain we feel when we are separated from our loved ones, even if it's just temporary. Thank You for easing my pain and sorrow. Thank You for giving me babies to keep me busy around the time when Mom was dying and when she died. Thank You for giving me hope for the future and something to look forward to even in the darkest hours. Thank You for saving my mom, for saving me, and for saving all those who call on Your name, believe in their hearts that God raised Jesus, His only begotten Son, from the dead and confess it with their mouths.

Thank You Jesus.
I love You.