Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Day Book, July 21, 2009

For Today, July 21, 2009

Outside my window... rain gently falling, quenching our thirsty garden...our rooster practicing his cockle-doodle-doo...our little back hens and our yellow footed black and white speckled hen hiding under cover...a cool 69 degrees.

I am thinking...about how to prepare for yet another yard sale as I try to rid my home of clutter and make some money for birthday gifts. We have three coming between now and mid-September.

I am thankful for...a roof over our head...the gentle rain shower...cool air...air conditioning when it's hot...friends and family...God's mercy and provision.

From the learning rooms...time off for the kids. I'm thinking over what I'll be doing for next year.

From the kitchen... I'll be making some coconut oatmeal cookies, a lunch of pancakes and eggs, and for dinner, chicken sandwiches made with leftover chicken breast from last night's chicken and dumplings.

I am wearing...a black and white knit dress with slip on grey sneakers. My hair's up and minimal make-up.

I am creating... a few new dishcloths. I'm needing a new batch. This time I'm making them smaller. I like the way smaller ones feel in my hand.

I am going...nowhere else today. I love a rainy day. I had to take one of the kids to the lab to have blood drawn today. Just general check-up type stuff.

I am reading... The Silver Needle Murder by Laura Childs. I enjoy her tea shop mysteries. I do not like her scrapbooking mysteries.

I am hoping... to get a lot of laundry caught up today.

I am hearing... not much but the squeak of the attic fan. The kids are cleaning their room downstairs. Ah, my little one just came in to ask, "Mommy, are you done?" Not quite yet.

Around the house...laundry and baking to be done...yard sale sorting to be done...always more cleaning to be done.

One of my favorite things... reading on a rainy day. Hmmm...maybe I need to put a little reading time on my to do list!

A few plans for the rest of the week...yard sale prep...sending my son job hunting in my car...school planning...lots of prayer for some big needs.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing....

My little Matthew who's grown to be my BIG Matthew.



  1. You shared some beautiful thoughts...

  2. I love rainy days too and we're having a really dark overcast day too! It makes me feel cozy inside our home! Love the picture in your header!


  3. Ok, I'm spoiled by this weather, it's after 1pm and only 64, loving it! Enjoyed your day book!


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