Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Seeds We Scatter ~J.R. Miller

"All our thoughts, words, and acts are seeds. They have in them a quality which makes them grow where they fall, reproducing themselves. This is true of the good we do. The mother’s teachings enter the mind and heart of her child as mere germs; but they reappear in the life of the son or daughter, in later years, in strength and beauty, in nobleness of character, and in usefulness of life. Not only is this strange power in the mother’s words; her acts, her habits, her tones of voice, the influences that go forth from her life, are also seeds, having in them a vital principle. Where they lodge, they grow.

You never can lose your mother. She may die, and her body may be borne out of your sight, and laid away in God’s acre. You will see her face and hear her voice no more; no more will her hand scatter the good seeds of truth and love upon your life’s garden. But you have not lost her. Your mind and heart are full of the seeds which fell from her hand along the years. These you never can lose. No hand of death can root them out of your life. They have grown into the very tissues of your character. They reappear in your habits, your dispositions, your feelings and opinions, your modes of thought, your very phrases and forms of speech. You never can lose your mother; the threads of her life are woven inextricably into your life."

~J.R. Miller
The Seeds We Scatter

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    THANK YOU...

  2. Oh Laura - this is so achingly beautiful!!
    There are many lovely gems to find in Miller's writings.
    This one just takes my motherly breath away..
    Thank you so much for sharing it and linking up today - it's really great to 'see' you :-D
    many blessings..Trish

  3. Hi Laura,
    What you've written is so true.
    My dad died over 20 years ago and I found I used to say things to my kids that were word for word what he had said to me and my brothers and sisters when we were growing up. His seeds,my voice--the legacy lives on.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  4. Hi Laura,
    This is my first time to visit and I came over from Dwellings. This is such a lovely and very truthful post. We can scatter seeds of goodness or seeds that are bad,
    we can choose........
    and it is so true that we hear our
    parents words coming out of our mouths and our words coming out of the mouths of our children too.
    There is a scripture that actually says that very thing, but am not where I can look it up right now unfortunately, it is in the old testament, maybe Deuteronomy....

    Anyway, thanks for this great post.
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Hi Nellie,
    So glad to meet you. I'll have to come for a visit. Unfortunately, I've been sowing some bad seeds over a situation lately, and I need to reseed. I needed this reminder myself.

  6. Wonderful post! It convicts me to hope I spread good seeds to my children, most of the time!

  7. Hi AnnMarie,
    You are so very right about that. It reminds me that they're watching and listening and absorbing the atmosphere my words create.
    Thanks for talking back!

  8. Just beautiful! I am so thankful to still have my mother, and I have a daughter witnessing the seeds I scatter; hope to always please the Lord as I scatter them.
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  9. Hi Cindy,
    I needed this reminder because I've been scattering some sadness seeds for a few days. I need to put on a happy face until God helps me feel it. Doing that's not always easy. ~smile~

  10. My mother has been gone for almost 14 years now and this reminds me that her influence in me lives on in many ways. Thanks for sharing this inspiring word from JR Miller, Laura.

    1. Yes, Beth, it reminds me of my mother who has been gone since 1999. It seems so long ago now. I really miss her. I'm sure you miss your mom, too.
      Be blessed,

  11. This post is a great reminder of the importance of a Spirit-lead mother. So inspiring. Thanks for linking up with us at Literacy Musing Mondays.


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