Sunday, January 15, 2012

Black Bean Salad with Fresh Corn, Red Peppers, Avacado, Cilantro and Lime I Pinned It! I Did It!

Today's lunch! 

Thursday we started a Daniel Fast with our Church.  Thursday night we had plain pears, plain corn, and plain steamed broccoli.  Then, I found out we can be creative.  We found this recipe on and modified it for the fast.  I found information about the Daniel Fast, a 21 day partial fast, at The Ultimate Daniel Fast blog.  That's where I found the lists of do's and don'ts for food.  It's not nearly as restrictive as I first thought.  Mainly, we're staying away from meats, dairy and other animal products, white flour, yeast and leavening, and any kind of sugar, honey or sweetener. 

During this time, we are consecrating ourselves to the Lord and consecrating 2012 to the Lord.  I am also reading the Bible with Professor Horner's Reading Plan.  It's basically ten chapters a day in ten different places.  It's quite a challenge to get the reading done.  It's an even bigger challenge to get my reading done for my book reviews!

Happy New Year everyone!
Maybe this is the time for you to consecrate yourself to Jesus Christ, too.

Blessed to be a Blessing

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  1. This dish looks delicious and nutritious, too! I would also think it is not expensive to fix for a larger beans (or any beans for that matter) are inexpensive and high in protein. I can't wait for cilantro again this summer :) Thank you for sharing with us at Deep Roots At Home, dear Laura Lane!


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