Wednesday, January 11, 2012

True Confessions

1.  I absolutely love hot homemade cocoa all year long, even summer!  My Grandma Mamie got me hooked when I was a girl. 

2.  I am really enjoying Professor Horton's Bible reading program.  It's available on; but I'm using my Bible.  Basically, I'm reading a chapter a day in each of ten different spots in the Bible.  I have been amazed how I keep hearing people refer to verses I've just read!

3.  I like creamy peanut butter best.

4.  My windows need to be washed.

5.  This month my reading list looks like it did in college.  I'm reading the following books for reviews:  Four Letter Words, One Month to Live, and The Circle Maker.  I'm also reading 10 chapters of Bible a day. 

6.  I'm feeling guilty; because, I want snow.  I know there's a lot of rebuilding being done in Joplin; but, couldn't we have a few inches in Carthage?  Please God? 

7.  I love listening to Paul Cardall.  His music is so relaxing. 

True Confessions inspired by Lizzie at A Dusty Frame.


  1. I like creamy peanut butter the best, too. And even better is white chocolate peanut butter..mmmm! OK, now I'm craving some:)

    I enjoyed your list of confessions!

  2. This is the second confessions list I just linked to. I like creamy pb, too, but Nutella even better. I had to google Paul Cardall, but think I recognize his music now that I listened. Pretty.

  3. I love crunch pb best! Unless there is Nutella around -then I'm all over that! My windows need washed, too. Soooo badly! But - I'll wait until spring. Of course-I've said that for a couple of springs now. LOL Stopping by from the Crew!

  4. Great confessions. I really like youversion ... such a great place to find devotions and Bible readings.

  5. Hi Scrappy,
    I've read and listened to far more Bible since I found YouVersion.
    Thanks for talking back!


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