Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Letter from Joplin, Mo Pastor Dan Wermuth

"Dear Family and Friends of Joplin-

We are yet Praising God for the great out pouring of love from accross this nation in response to our moment of great need. 55+ thousand meals fed to survivors and volunteers, over 8 thousand families served with assistance, 650+ homes repaired or restored. 13 thousand+ volunteers have accomplished relief work through JFWC alone. Its staggering!

When the LORD said to us to "just say yes to the bless", we never would have imagined what that might look like. This summer alone will have over 4000 people eating meals here at JFWC...housing many of them and providing case management for the families being served.

I have prayed about this post for several weeks. Now is the time...I am asking that you would consider a Round Two. Another wave of "Show the Love of God". A financial gift keeps the relief work in full force. As you can imagine the overhead is large, our God is larger, His people blessed to be a blessing. Food, hygiene kits, household items and cleaning supplies are distributed everyday. Still a need for gift cards for building supplies and fuel.

Many people who have fallen through the cracks of the system. And great people here willing to help them find the saftey net and then move them forward to productivity. Hundreds and hundreds have come to Christ because Christ came to them in the form of a hand up not a hand out. Gods love in action through you. Hearts are being healed, families finding hope, new beginings...

Please repost these thoughts as you see fit.

Please pray about it, then consider what the LORD might have you or your family, Congregation, Civic group might do for a "Round Two".

 Your hands and feet in Joplin-
His Love and Grace in action-
Pastors Dan Cindy Wermuth
417-623-6134 JFWC"

Click here to go to Joplin Family Worship Center's website.

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