Thursday, August 30, 2012

I've Been Sew Busy.

That's it.  That's what's keeping me busy.  This is the Women's Panel Dress from Common Sense Patterns. So far, I've made two dresses with this pattern and am working on a third.  I think it has a flattering fit.  I have to admit, there a few places where I have to fudge it a bit because the pattern pieces don't seem to fit together quite right where the front sides attach at the arms.  It does work out fine though.  Sometime soon, I'll post some photos.

Well, it's back to my sewing machine!

By the way, if this sounds like a review, it's not.  I'm just sewing away.  A friend (Hi Laura!)  gave me this pattern for my birthday and some fabric, too.  I'm just stitching through my stash!

Happy at Home

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Were You Affected by The Tornado?

So many people have asked me, "Were you affected by the tornado?"  I always hesitate before I answer.  Was my family directly in the tornado?  No.  Did we lose friends, property, or a job?  No.  Did it change our lives dramatically?  Yes.  The Joplin Tornado changed all our lives.
Our focus for the last 15 months has been on helping the Joplin community recover.  We've done so through Joplin Family Worship Center.  Our "help" has taken many forms.  We've housed volunteers at our place, cooked for hundreds at a time, cleaned, unloaded trucks, pulled massive pallets of supplies into our church sanctuary on pallet jacks, organized supplies for distribution, prayed with victims, given out furniture, supplies, clothing, food, and other things in our church's distribution center, and basically helped whenever we were needed. 

My husband is the Director of Operations and Community Liasson for JFWC Resource Center.  That means he's basically the go between church and community.  He attends lots of meetings, runs our distribution center with as many as 30 employees, coordinates building projects, coordinates volunteers, up to 500 at times during the summers, coordinated giveaways of CROCS shoes, wooden toys at Christmas, thousands of wrapped Christmas gifts for needy families, an Easter outreach with Kenneth Copeland Ministries.... You get the idea.  Our family has been affected.  More importantly, our family is helping to effect change for the better in our community.

God, our creator, is amazing.  Jesus is amazing.  The Holy Spirit is amazing.  They have done amazing things in the Body of Christ throughout the Joplin area and throughout the country.

Even FEMA has noticed a difference in how Joplin is recovering in comparison to some other major disaster cities.  They recognize that it is the Faith Community.  We know who that is.  ~smile~

Amazing things have been done. Amazing things are yet to be done.  I encourage you to pray and ask the Lord how you can be part of the amazing.

I'm ask you to pray earnestly for the people of Joplin.  A social worker told our pastor that post traumatic stress has lead to an increase in divorces, child abuse, and suicides in our community.  We need to pray for mental as well as physical recovery for our community.  People need the Lord.  Nothing and Nobody else can bring forth full recovery.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support.

Laura Lane
Trusting in the Lord

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Green Beans in the Garden....

I love everything about this West Ladies video—the music, the location, the momma and daughters harmonizing, the beautiful clothes, the family values during hard times. 

Enjoy some green beans in the garden with me!

We do have so much to be thankful for!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…
Busy with church, cutting out a new dress, and putting up the harvest.  I made salsa and jalapeno jam.

In our homeschool this week…
We're easing into school.  Math, Bible, Reading, and for  Emily, Time 4 Writing's High School Essay Writing.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share...
Not started yet?  Don't worry.  Nothing can make the beginning of your school year frantic as quickly as worrying about the start date.  Nearly every year, we ease into school with math, Bible, and reading.  Other subjects are added over the next week or two as they arrive (if ordered late) or as we're ready.  The transition is not as shocking to our systems that way.  ~smile~

My favorite thing this week was…
Receiving my new sewing machine.

What’s working for us…
I call out to my children, "I'm calling a hundred!"  Then all four of us scurry around the house calling out the numbers as we put things away.  Book returned to the shelf, "ONE!" Glass put in sink, "TWO!"  Dishes put away, "THREE, FOUR, FIVE!"  We tidy our way to 100.  The house always looks so much nicer afterward.  If things are really looking shabby, I call 200.  Gasp!  I know, your house never looks that bad.  ~smile~

Things I’m working on…
I'm trying to finish up my selections for curriculum for the fall semester.  I'm just about done.  I may have to buy a few things. 

I’m reading…
Ten Girls of American History is our current read aloud.
I'm getting ready to read A Sound Among the Trees.

I’m grateful for...
cooler temperatures, if you can call ninety cooler, and air conditioning.

I’m praying for…

A photo to share…

Join other homeschool moms at The Homeschool Mother's Journal.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Rich!

I’m Rich!

I’ve got a great big three ring binder full of recipes. I’ve got a great big tall stack of cookbooks. I’ve got a shelf of cookbooks. I’ve got two full recipe boxes and another box started. I’ve got loose recipes in a drawer waiting to be filed in a box or binder. I’ve got recipe pamphlets in the same drawer. I’ve got recipes on my blog. Did I mention that I’ve got recipes?

As I look about me, I realize a couple of things. First, even though I’m surrounded by recipes, I tend to prepare the same meals over and over. Second, I’ve got more recipes surrounding me than I could prepare in a lifetime.  Let's not even talk about Pinterest!

I was looking through my big binder for a recipe to share with you all. I found that most of the recipes in my binder are ones that I’ve collected off the internet or from friends. Most of the recipes are untried. Now, if I’ve had this binder for two or three years, and I haven’t tried most of the recipes yet, why am I keeping them?

Does it make one a good cook to have lots of recipes? Does it make one a good homemaker to have lots of cleaners, recipes for cleaners or books about cleaning? Does it make one a good mother to have lots of books about child rearing? Does it make one a good Christian to have lots of Bibles and Christian books?

I think not. I think that there are many areas in our lives wherein we do not see the clutter. The truth is, I can go through my recipes and just keep my favorites and a few that I’m sure I want to try. I can go through my cookbooks and save my favorites and just write off the ones I like from the books I want to discard. The same holds true for other things in my life as well.

What about you? Are there things in your life that you are holding onto just in case? Are they things you really need? Really want? Are there things that are just clutter?

Now, I really cannot write all of this without sharing a nice salsa that you can make during the winter that is just delicious.

Kitchen Cupboard Salsa
1 can (28 oz) crushed tomatoes
1 medium diced onion (I prefer sweet.)
1 small can of chopped green chiles
1 T sugar
1 T dried parsley
½ t freshly ground pepper
½ t salt
½ t ground cumin
½ t garlic powder
Stir all this together in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate for an hour.

Recipe Rich

Happy at Home

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*This was originally shared on Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Have a Lot of Sewing to Do...

I mean a lot of sewing...
I know because my decisive, loves to spoil me, husband just ordered this for me!
It replaces my old machine which served me over 15 years.
I could have put the decision off for ages.
Thanks so much honey!
I promise to sew and mend!

(Imagine sounds of excitement!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I've Been Putting Up With Lately

A friend asked me in an e-mail what I've been putting up lately.  After writing it out, I realized it looked like a blog post, so I'm sharing it with you, too!

Our garden has produced zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers, jalapenos, sorrano peppers, red onions, and a couple of watermelons that were picked too early. We've since found a youtube video that tells us how to pick them ripe.  We've picked some ripe melons now.  Yum.  We've also had just a few tomatoes.

I've shredded zucchini and yellow squash together and frozen them in 3 cup portions for my zucchini cake. That will be yummy come winter.

I've blanched and frozen lots of ears of corn that I found on sale for twenty cents apiece at 4th of July time.   The taste of summertime preserved! 

I've frozen many quarts of strawberries and some blueberries that I found on sale for ninety-nine cents this month.  I've also frozen banana chunks.  Some of these will find their way into smoothies.

I made strawberry jam, peach jam, Harvest Peach jam, and Kiwi jam.

I've chopped about 15 green peppers coarsely and put half in the dehydrator and half in freezer bags. The dehydrated ones will go into a soup, stew, or chili.  The frozen ones might end up in a stir-fry or on a pizza. 

I've chopped up our garden onions; and, they're in the dehydrator.

I also made half a bag full of pickling cucumbers into cucumbers and onions for the fridge.  These we'll eat in the next couple of days.  If I receive more, I may try pickles.
Anyhow, that's some of what I've done this last month. I hope I need to can tomatoes and spaghetti sauce soon!  I might try watermelon rind pickles this year, too.

 We'll see what bounty the Lord brings my way!
May God bless you with lots to put up with!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Homeschool Momma's Journal

In my life this week…
Busy with church, sewing, and putting up the harvest.
In our homeschool this week…
I'm working on curricula choices for next year.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share...
"Let us  not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  Galatians 6:9
My favorite thing this week was…

Wow, it was a great week.  It's hard to choose one thing.  I think I enjoyed getting my dress cut out and putting up food for winter.
What’s working for us…
Ah, things are a bit spontaneous around here right now.  I don't really have anything to report.
Things I’m working on…
Cutting out my next dress.  I recently finished one and altered one.  I'm trying to update my rather sparse wardrobe with my sewing skills.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine is very ill.  She's been to one doctor who couldn't help.  My friend Lisa's husband has her this week to see if he can cure her paralysis.  If not, I have to decide whether to take her to a specialist in Springfield an hour away.
I’m reading…
Ten Girls of American History.  Watch for an upcoming review.

I’m grateful for…
the opportunity to preserve the bounty from our garden.
I’m praying for…

A photo to share…

Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Economics for Everybody, R.C. Sproul, Jr.

I am so excited about this curriculum.   R.C. Sproul, Jr. is an engaging teacher who makes economics come alive.  The use of vintage videos in exemplifying concepts keeps the student's interest and keeps things fresh.  Sproul takes a subject which many students would find boring and injects it with relevance, enthusiasm and even a little humor.  Economics is taught from a Christian perspective.

Here are some of the things that are covered:
1.  God Created Economics... What is Economics?  Why study Economics?
2. The Economic Problem of Sin | Law, Liberty & Government
3. The Path from Work to Wealth
4. The Route From Scarcity to Plenty | Money, Markets & Trade
5. The Role of the Entrepreneur | Capital, Calculation & Profit
6. A Tale of Two Theologies, Part 1 | From God to Politics
7. A Tale of Two Theologies, Part 2 | Economic Philosophies & Systems
8. Government Intervention | Basic Principles & Education
9. The Two Mysteries of Monetary Policy | Inflation & Depressions
10. The Welfare & Corporate States of America | The Costs of Redistribution
11. Economics Has Consequences | The Real Effects of Sin
12. Kingdom Economics

Basically, the idea is to watch one lesson per week, read the corresponding chapter in the study guide and answer the questions in the study guide.  Additional resources are available on their website.  They also give suggestions for textbooks that can provide additional information should you desire it for high school credit.

I'll be using these videos and the accompanying study guide with my ninth grader this year.  I plan to use it as is and later add more if I feel like it's needed.  I'm confident that if Emily gains a thorough understanding of the principles included in this series, she will be far ahead of many students her age in the comprehension of economics.  I'll let my younger students watch the videos as they wish.  It doesn't hurt to let them become familiar with economic terms early. 

From Compass who also brings us Visual Latin, one of my favorite homeschool products.


*I received a download of this product in exchange for an honest review.  I am impressed with this product.  In fact, I purchased this product the first day it was available.  My money was later refunded in exchange for an honest review.

*I am now a Compass Store affiliate.  If you click on the banner above and decide to purchase something, I will receive a small commission.