Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Advantage of Homeschooling... Set Your Own Schedule

Good day!  Thanks so much for dropping by the cottage to see me today.  It's been a few days since I've written.  One of the things I really enjoy about homeschooling is that I can set our own schedule and scatter mini vacations throughout the year.  We'll be having holiday company beginning next Thursday, but this weekend we are the company. 

I've been visiting my good friend Laura in St. Louis for a few days.  We drove up on Thursday and arrived just about lunch time.  Immediately, all the ladies, young and old headed to the destination Amy's been dreaming about... the American Girl Store!

Oh, we dined and they shopped, though no one bought a thing.  Well, I did buy one small thing.  But who gets out of the American Girl Store for less than ten dollars?  The girls had a terrific time.  I enjoyed watching their joy.  I was amazed at how many dolls and accessories there were to go with these dolls.  My Amy's doll is one from Vision Forum.  Her name is Evangeline.  She came along for the fun.  ~smile~

Friday was simply filled with play.  The woods beckoned, and the kids followed the call.  They came back dirty and hungry just as kids should. ~smile~

We closed our time together with a trip to the zoo on Saturday.

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