Friday, May 31, 2013

A Thrifty Week #7

I cannot honestly say that this was a frugal week.  We had car expenses, we had to replace all the hens we lost to wild dogs with new chicks, we had a doctor bill, a computer repair.  In other words, life happened.  Fortunately, we had money in the bank to cover the extra expenses.  The next couple of weeks need to be extra thrifty to make up for these extra expenses.

That said, here's our thrifty week at Harvest Lane Cottage:

~ We bought a like-new trampoline for the children at a yard sale.  This was an answer to Amy's prayers and saving.  We all pitched in.  $100!
~ We spent Memorial Day afternoon with family at our creek instead of traveling or going to the pool.
~ We started listening to a set of history CDs called Hero Tales that I received for free for review.
~ I did not take our planned trip to the library, so I saved about $10 in gas.
~ Emily made a pair of palazzo pants into coulottes.
~ I made cream of mushroom soup from a gigantic Chicken of the Woods mushroom that a friend gave to us.  It was delicious.
~ We ate dinner at church before service Wednesday.
~ I stayed home and did not spend money. ~smile~

May I suggest?


  1. Hi Laura a fabulous post, I am impressed, thank you
    Lots of love

  2. It seemed like such a spendthrift week to me because of all the extra bills we had. Thanks so much for your encouragement! I'm going to try to do better this week. ~smile~

  3. Laura-
    I need to thank you for your thrifty post. You have made me think of my spending habits in a fresh way. I make a good living as an educator (middle school special education specialist) which allows me to be flexible with my spending but doesn't encourage thriftiness. So...these are the first two goals I have set for myself: eating from my pantry and freezer (I have 4 men, husband and boys 23, 21, and 15,at home and my food bill was outrageous last month) and work through my fiber, fabric, and crafty stuff stash. Thanks again for your inspiration, Tina muchloved at yahoo

  4. Hi Tina, I think you've made excellent choices for lowering your expenses. May God guide you and help you with your work.


  5. thanks for sharing your thriftiness - I have to start being more thrifty. ;)
    that's an awesome find on the trampoline, these things can get expensive!

    PS came across your blog via modest mondays :)

  6. Hi Bibi,

    I really appreciate you "talking back" to me. It's what makes
    blogging fun. Meeting new people and sharing ideas is great.

    Yes, the trampoline was an incredible blessing from God.
    Amy had prayed, and He answered. Her faith is soaring.
    I have lots of posts on making do and being thrifty.
    The thrifty and frugal posts are on a page at the top of the blog.
    If you go down the sidebar to my categories, you'll also find some
    making do posts.

    Now, I'm going to come and visit you at your "place". ~smile~
    Blessings to you!


  7. Thank you for sharing these thrifty tips - some time we need a little reminder. Thanks for sharing on Fluster Buster's Creative Muster Party!

    Fluster Buster

  8. Hi Robin!
    You're welcome. I'm finding that I am being a little more thrifty knowing that these A Thrifty Week posts keep me accountable. ~smile~

    Thanks for "talking back". It's what makes blogging fun!

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,


  9. Have you looked at Craigslist for free items? I just picked up 2 rattan stools for free that retail for $100.00 each. The lady who gave them away had to make room in her garage, and was literally 5 minutes away from me, and nice and normal. All of my Craigslist finds for free have been nice people, and good stuff. Another fantastic source for free things is the Yahoo! Freecycle group. I've practically furnished my place with given furniture, and had bags and bags of good free clothes given to me. I like it because it goes by where you live, so I stay within my county, and I get to know the people on the site. Not one person has been mean, or rude. I have been given antiques, too, and depending upon where you live, you'll find the same mentality on Freecycle-keep it green, pass it on, and be kind. If you have a problem, there is a Moderator, but safety-wise I've never had a problem, and I am a cautious person. I am not in any affiliated with Craigs or Freecycle, just a Mom who lives thrifty, and in the Lord!

    Here is a link to Freecycle in your area:

    And here is something else I saw in your area:


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