Monday, January 27, 2014

May I Please Borrow a Cup of Snow?

Hello Ladies!
     I live at the edge of the Ozarks in southern Missouri.  This morning we awoke to bitterly cold temperatures.  My arms are stinging with cold IN the house. ~smile~  Fortunately my sweet man crawled out of our very warm bed and stirred up the fire in the woodstove.  He also made coffee.  I smell bacon frying as I write this.  I have a request for my northern readers.

     We have no snow.  Could you send a little, please?  I love a light blanket of snow to pretty things up!  If we must have the cold, I'd like a little snow to go with it.  It's only fair. Oh, don't tell anyone around here that I asked for snow, they'd all snowball me.  ~smile~

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


  1. Dear Laura,
    You have put a smile on my face with your request :-)

    I wish I could send you some!

    Have a wonderful day my friend :-)

  2. Hi Kath,

    Well, thanks anyway! Maybe you should ask too!



  3. Hi Laura

    We have plenty of rain I could send you but no snow.
    It is quite cold here too, but that horrible damp cold.

    Keep warm
    Cally x

  4. Laura I wish I could send you some! The snow and ice have had us 'stuck' up on the mountain all last week. I had hopes of getting off the mountain today, but no such luck.
    I hear we are in for more snow!
    (I'm trying not to complain, though)

    I won't tell a soul you're wishing for a little snow. :)

  5. Hi Marissa,

    I do hope you have everything you need! Have a cup of tea and think of me!



  6. Oh, no thank you Cally. It would just turn to ice here.

    That just won't do.

    Thanks anyway!

  7. I would gladly send you some :)

    Your cold is headed my way...we are to go to -30 windchills tonight and tomorrow.

    We had a lot of snow over the weekend ( well, not ALOT but probably 7 or 8 inches over two days or so ) It's really never is either raining, icing or snowing ...I wish that we could send a little of it to California and their severe drought.

  8. I'd love to send you some Michigan snow. We've had lots, AND it's too cold to pack so no worries about snowballs. :)

  9. Sounds super Anne! Have a wonderful week.


  10. You are so right Deb. I suppose I shouldn't fuss over a lack of the white stuff. Still, a girl can dream.

  11. Cute! Well, it doesn't hurt to ask!
    It has been just dry and windy here, and cold to-boot!
    It is funny how we all live in such different climates.
    Stay warm and blessed no matter the temps...

  12. Thanks, Roxy. I'm doing my best to keep the fire going. Hubby's working late tonight.

    Stay warm!


  13. Hey There Laura!

    You are too funny... We haven't gotten much snow either. We have lots of wind loaded with dirt, if you would like some of that? (Smiling)

    It is amazing,how we live in all these different states and some are getting hammered with snow and others are still in a drought. Crazy weather patterns we have.

    I'll be praying that you get some snow....

    Take Care,

  14. Hi Amy,

    I think I'll pass on the dirt. Burning in the woodstove is dusty and messy. I feel like I need to sweep 3-4 times a day and dust daily! I should anyway. ~smile~

    I hope your weather improves soon. What area of the country do you live in?

  15. Hi Laura :)

    Finally catching up and visiting :) What a wonderful honey you have! I am blessed also. I wish we could send you some snow, we haven't had any moisture for a long time (until tonight, right now it is raining!).

    Have a blessed weekend Laura and stay warm!


  16. I answered your note on my Ipod, Sharon. I meant to say that I have a recipe for Snow Ice Cream that I'd like to try. Sometimes automatic spell corrector can make some silly sentences. ~smile~

    It's just begun to drizzle. Unfortunately, the weather man is calling for freezing rain. No thank you!

    I'll hold out for snow.



  17. Hello Laura! It's such a pleasure to drop in for a nice visit - your blog is simply lovely!

    I would gladly give you some snow as we have been getting the pretty white stuff since yesterday and now have over 2 feet :) I am a snow girl so I am thoroughly enjoying it, but there is certainly plenty to share.

    I look forward to visiting again - blessings and hugs to you!


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