Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feeling Thrifty and Frugal.......... BRRRR! It's Cold!

OH MY!                                                       




It's 13 outside right now, but I can feel the cold encroaching in the house.  I try not to use the propane and just use the wood stove.  I may break down. 
First we'll try hot tea, sweaters, blankets, and maybe even some baking.  Trying to be thrifty.


  1. We're feeling the same way here in Tennessee. This weather is way colder than normal for us. I'm layered up to my chin and thinking about adding more to that. I've just put the kettle on myself to have a large cup of Constant Comment tea. :) Stay warm!

  2. I really like Constant Comment. It's my life tea. ~smile~

    Blessings Toni!


  3. Laura, I do love your blogs. I have enjoyed the books you helped me find and the recipes. You are so relaxed that it comes through! I think it might be called Peaceful! I love that. Thanks and stay warm! Helen

  4. It is cold here too and wet.
    Fingerless mittens are a must and a down quilt for bed ;0)

  5. Hello Cally,

    I need to knit up some fingerless mits for the kids, too. I've never had a down quilt, I'll bet that's lovely. My husband wears a down coat and says it's quite warm.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Hi Laura, plenty of hot soup and lots of blankets, its wet here in England. Wishing you a warm and happy weekend, best wishes jackie.

  7. Oh if I had wood heat, it would be cranking!!! Sure do miss it!! Hurry up spring!

  8. I do love spring, Sue. But summer's just too hot and sticky in the Ozarks. ~smile~

    God bless!


  9. Try -40 here! :) 13 sounds like summer compared to this! :)

    I couldn't helps but laugh out loud when I read this. You see, at midnight (it's 4 now) I had 8 bags/cups of zero calorie tea. Oh it was good. And now I can't sleep haha. I have to wear some heart monitors for a while, and they are going off like crazy from all the caffeine. Lol

    Enjoy the cold weather!
    I have a snow day tomorrow so I am happy for the cold and blizzard!


  10. Hi Ty,

    Time for some nice soothing Chamomile! Celestial Seasonings also has a nice Sleepytime tea that is relaxing. No more regular tea after 9 p.m. for you Missy! ~smile~ Just some motherly scolding and advice.

    You may keep your -40, however, please package a big box of snow and send it this way! I love snow, just not blizzards. We don't get those in southern Missouri. Your temperature makes me wonder if you live in Alaska!

    Blessings and warm warm thoughts to you!

    Mrs. Laura


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