Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just Popping In...

Just popping in to say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good night! It's 4 H season, so much of our time has been spent taking our three not-so-little ones to meetings. My son found this strawberry pop and shared it with his sister.

Strawberry pop was one of my childhood favorites. Fanta and Shasta had their place, but it was Nehi that I liked best. An ice-cold bottle of grape or orange Nehi was refreshing, but my favorite was strawberry.

Isn't it interesting how a flavor can bring back the days of our youth? What flavors remind you of your childhood?

Time to get busy, have a beautiful week.

Feeling a bit nostalgic


  1. It is orange sunkist in a glass bottle that takes me back. It just doesn't taste the same in the plastic bottles of today. Have a great day!

  2. I remember as a kid loving Ribena.

  3. We didn't drink much pop back when I was a kid. But now Kool Aide was something else. Fruit Punch was the winner !!!!

  4. Yes, Kool-Aid, we drank a lot of that. My mom liked raspberry best, so that's what we usually drank.

  5. Hi Sheryl, I haven't heard of Ribena. Was it a cola?

  6. Hello, Yes, those sweet memories and smells always trigger different memories! Have a great 4H season, I enjoyed those days very much!
    Hugs, Roxy

  7. Hi Roxy,
    I know I'll look back on these days with fond memories.
    Hope you're making some sweet memories this spring.

  8. My fave was Apple Slice or when we were even younger, it was called 'Aspen.' Have a lovely week!

  9. We drank a lot of Kool-Aid and ate a lot of frozen Kool-aid popsicles in the summer that Mom made herself. And of course, root beer or orange were always a treat for us. Thankfully we didn't drink much pop back then, although we put away our fair share of Kool-Aid, lol!

  10. Kool-Aid was a regular treat at our house too, Spicing Up Idaho. I'll be over for a visit in a few minutes.

  11. Never tried those, Parsimonious. We had a nutty cereal that I loved called Aspen, though.

  12. Fun being taken back to your childhood! Butterfingers do that for me. I use to walk to our small town grocer with my two older sisters and buy one for 5 cents. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Hi Jann,
    I remember buying Clark Bars (similar to Butterfingers) for ten cents.


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