Monday, April 27, 2015

My Daybook... April 27, 2015 Turkey in a Toga Recipe

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Dear Ladies,
It's now 8:42 a.m. I wrote this post in the middle of the night last night. I will be getting busy in a couple of moments, but I just wanted to say good morning. I was able to sleep a few more hours, but only after listening to the book of Job on Bible Gateway for awhile. 
God bless you!
Outside my window... 
 darkness and quiet. It's rarely quiet here because we live near a big highway. Not too many are driving in the wee hours of the night. It's just before 3:00 a.m.

I am thinking...
 about the love of God. I am in the book of Job right now.

I am thankful...
 that I have Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit to turn to when I feel overwhelmed or fearful. Thank you God!

I am creating...
 nothing right now. I've been doing a lot of reading in snatched moments.

In the kitchen...
 nothing's happening yet this morning. I expect I'll make eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Tonight for supper, I'll be making Turkey in a Toga. It's a favorite at our house. When our children were small, we read A Roman Ransom aloud. This was a new recipe I tried at that time. Turkey Wraps sounded boring, so I called it Turkey in a Toga. They loved it.

Turkey in a Toga

  • Wrap in a tortilla:
  • Paul Newman Caesar dressing
  • Romaine lettuce leaves
  • leftover baked turkey
  • red onion slices
  • roasted red pepper pieces
I am going...
 to my study group tonight at church. We're studying Beauty by the Book.

I am reading...
several books, but today my focus will be Beauty by the Book. I've a ladies' study tonight at church, and I've not finished my homework.

I am hoping...
 to go back to sleep for awhile soon. It's now 3:04 a.m.

I am learning...
 I'm in two classes at church, Beauty by the Book by Nancy Stafford and Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels.

In my garden...
 my Amy planted some pretty flowers, mint, and a zucchini plant.

In our homeschool...
 just continuing.

From the boardroom...
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A favorite quote for today...
 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your path." 
Proverbs 3:5-6

A peek into my day...
A view from my computer as I look to my right.
 One of my favorite things...
  Sleeping all night long.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  driving for 4H meetings, church Wednesday evening, a trip to the library.

Have a wonderful week!
Happy at Home

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  1. Sleeping all night is one of my favorite things too but my sleep was broken up by a restless child. Here's hoping we both get a full night of sleep tonight. And maybe a wee little nap today?

  2. Turkey in a Toga sounds delicious, fun too.
    Hope you have a wonderful Monday

  3. Hi Laura,
    Hope you got to get a few more hours of sleep..[i have them nights too,ha]
    Turkey in a that sounds good, Will try that one too.. yummy.
    The book of Job.. I love reading this book, Job oh how i admire his stand with God.He went through so much, heart aches that seem impossible to handle, but still held on to God. I would pray that I could be 1/2 the person that he is.
    Hope you have a blessed bible study tonight. Judy

  4. Me too, Judy. We are just getting the things out for the Turkey in a Toga now. My mouth is watering.

  5. A lovely daybook entry, Laura. I'm sorry you were having trouble sleeping. Hope your study group went well this evening. Have a wonderful, blessed week!

  6. Hi Dianna,

    It went great. I hope you have a terrific week. I'll be over for a visit in a few minutes.
    God bless!

  7. Love the creative name for your turkey wrap! Makes things more fun eating them with a gourmet title! Enjoyed the peek into your life, and pray that your week continues to be blessed and full of His presence :)

  8. Hey there Laura, thank you for sharing your thoughts and part of your life with us at Good Morning Mondays. I must admit one of my favourite things is sleeping all night. Your groups sound interesting and I hope they went well. Blessings

  9. Anything to get a little kid to try something new Spicing Up! Be blessed by His presence!

  10. Turkey in a Toga...I love it! I wonder if a fun name like that would help with some of the recipes my hubby and son don't care for... :)

    I hope you're able to get some rest my friend, and sleep through the night. I'm always thankful to have you share with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  11. Love the name for your meal! I remember seeing that book in some homeschool catalogs :) I also enjoyed the peak into your home. It looks so warm and inviting. Have a lovely week Laura! And enjoy the Book of Job. There are so many nuggets inside that chapter!

  12. Wonderful daybook. I always enjoy reading these.

  13. They're interesting to write, too. Scrappy Quilter. I'll be over for a visit in a few minutes.

  14. Hi Jes,
    I love how photos don't show dust!

  15. It's fun and delicious, Stephanie!

  16. Blessings to you for some good sleep! Visiting from Titus 2 Tuesdays

  17. Hi Laura, so sorry that you had a hard time sleeping! I feel very fortunate that I sleep so well. I'm out pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow. I love the scripture you shared for todays quote. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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