Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beautiful Days

Good morning ladies,

I hope you awoke well and rested.

It promises to be a beautiful day, doesn't it? Oh, not sunny and 75? Is that what really makes a beautiful day? Oh, I enjoy sunny days with perfect temperatures (for me that means 60's), but there are so many kinds of beautiful days.

I enjoy sunny days (not too hot), rainy days, stormy days, snowy days, drizzly days, and even just plain cloudy days. Each has its pleasures and benefits.

There are different types of days, and God's Holy Spirit is our companion and comforter through them all. Just recently, we've had days that make me so thankful for Jesus and His place in our lives.

We've had days of rejoicing... a birthday, Mother's Day, and our 29th anniversary. We also have Father's Day to look forward to soon.

We've also had days of sadness... my grandmother's funeral, my husband's father passing away last week.

We've had days of troubles... our van requiring some expensive repairs suddenly, and missing our anniversary trip because of it.

We've had days of busy-ness... driving children and husband to and from jobs and appointments. I've felt kind of grumbly about it just because it all wears me out so much. I've had a revelation just this week about how blessed we are that I am available to drive everyone and help make life work with just one car.

We've had a day of rest... just one... but oh how lovely it was Sunday... going out for dinner, then relaxing at the house with a book or napping while the kids went swimming at the Y.

Whatever kind of day it is outside, I pray that Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit will help you to have a beautiful day on the inside.

Be blessed and be busy enjoying this good life God's given you!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Happy to Enjoy this Beautiful Day
and this Beautiful Life God's Given Me


  1. I love your posts. Very thought provoking. You remind me to be thankful on those days I need a reminder!! I like most weather conditions too (except for 90's and super humid!) However i can just choose to stay inside on those days I guess. I like your new background.

  2. Morning! I love all days sunny or cloudy or rainy. If the good Lord gave me another day, I will rejoice and do my best to honor Him.

  3. Thanks, Shirley. The really hot and humid days are hard for me, too. Praise God for air conditioners and cold showers!

  4. I am so sorry for your loss(s). Keeping you in prayer.

    As for the humidness--not for me. We moved from Alabama to get away from it, however, the last couple of days have been muggy/humid, tons of storms/rain. Not complaining, it is June, after all. Blessings

  5. Laura, so sorry about the loss of your grandmother and father inlaw.. May God be with each of you through this difficult time.
    I love 70 degree sunny days.. [if I can leave the humidity off.ha] We have some really hot/humid days around here. But, still I must say.. Thank you Heavenly Father for the wonderful days you give us. He always supplies our needs, and so many of our wants.. Such a loving Father..
    Hope you have a great week..

  6. You've such a sweet attitude, Judy. Thanks for your kind words.

  7. I'd love to escape humidity! My husband wants to move south. I want to move north. We have to stay here I guess.

  8. This is really thoughtful. May your day be as you want it to be; regardless of the weather, still happy and blessed!

  9. What a gift you are to your family! For all the people you reach today, and that your children will reach in their lives, thank you. Every positive outlook, even in grief or trouble, is raised as your family standard. Surely, His banner over you is Love!

  10. So sorry for the sadness in your family right now but so thankful you find the beautiful in all things. Great post!

  11. I enjoyed your post.
    I'm very sorry to hear of the recent passing of family, that is often such a difficult thing, but you sound very hopeful in this post. One of things I strive to remind myself is to hope for better days. I try and look for the good. Take care, and many blessings Laura!

  12. Laura, you are right! Every day has its' own beauty that the Lord has placed upon it, sunny, rainy, bright, gray . . . Your post reminded me of the verse, "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Thank you for your words; they reminded me to take heart and to praise the Lord in whatever He gives.

  13. Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner. I wanted to drop by and say hello.

  14. Laura, This was such a lovely post that Glorified God as you counted the blessings of all your circumstances.

    Thanks so much for sharing such an encouraging post!

  15. I remember when I was a child we had a tape (I know ... those things are really out dated:)) that had a song that said,
    "Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings see what God has done ..." etc. I love that song as a child and your post was such a good reminder that no matter what is going on in our life ... we are very blessed and need to count our blessing! Thank you for sharing. ~Sarah (visiting from Radical Femininity)

  16. Love this post. I have always loved the different types of weather. I am a four seasons kind of gal! I love the rain so much. I actually just posted a blog post with fun ideas to make a stormy night into a fun memory. - Seri from www.serisblog.com

  17. My dear Laura, I am so sorry for your loss... Please know that you are in my prayers, sweet friend.

    I hope you have a most beautiful and blessed day! Hugs to you!

  18. I too am sorry for your loss. Hope you are having a beautiful day. Hugs

  19. God is yet good Scrappy Quilter. Thank you.

    God bless you.

  20. Definitely need this reminder to be positive, and to thank God in all circumstances. Blessings from Sunday Stillness.

  21. I need it myself, too, Michele.


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