Monday, June 8, 2015

My Daybook ~ June 8, 2015

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My Daybook June 8, 2015

Outside my window...
It's a cloudy day. It rained early this morning.

I am thinking...
~about painting the ceiling in the hallway
~about the possibility of dual enrollment for my daughter next year.

I am thankful that...
I'm home and available to help my husband and children with their needs.

From the kitchen...
Plan A for dinner didn't work out. I'll be scrambling for plan b.

I am wearing...
a black dress.

I am creating...
I want to prep my fabric for a new dress. I also have an apron to finish. I just don't seem to make sewing time the priority that it should be. Why a priority? I feel like it's something that God made me to do when I'm doing it.

I am going...
It's Monday, so I'm driving the husband, son, and daughter to and from work and to meetings tonight.

I am reading...
Jeremiah, Married 'til Monday, Old-Fashioned, and Trim Healthy Mama.

I am hoping... and praying for healing, God's provision, salvation for loved ones, and wisdom.

I am hearing...
my daughter practicing But in Dreams from The Lord of the Rings on the piano and the hum of the window air conditioner.

Around the house...
My husband and son put in the window air conditioners just in time. It's getting hot and humid.

One of my favorite things... sitting in my chair in the creek letting the water go over my feet and ankles and trailing my hands through the water.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...

  • school records
  • helping kids with grammar and math as needed
  • transcript
  • reading
  • driving

My Picture Thought....
My Michael, 8, got his first chance to work on the van.
My Michael, 16, got to enjoy archery class in 4H this year.
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God bless!


  1. I would highly recommend the dual enrolling even if only for "fun" or extra curricular classes, you will never get college that cheap again. It is also a good way to get them in writing and public speaking or classes that are not super successfully done in the home school environment. All of mine have done it.

  2. Hope you have a lovely week and get to your sewing! I feel that way too about sewing. It seems to take me ages to get around to it, but once I start I just love it. And it is quick to finish something with sewing.

  3. I don't see how you do what you do!! all that chaffeuring would wear me out. You rock girlfriend! God's blessings on all your wifely and motherly efforts.....especially the home-schooling. God bless you and give you the strength to do what you need to! Helen

  4. Hello Dear Friend, May I come and sit with my feet in the water and just relax and let nature wash away the busy feeling. I am also going to try to sew up an apron for myself today, as it is almost finished. I have been re-planting flowers in our flower bed after the hail destroyed so many of them!
    I was wondering if I could think of a project to enter into the state fair this year! We have so many repairs from the storm, but some will have to wait for Fall! It was so good to see your thoughts well planned out and yet flexible and fun...
    You're a sweetie!
    Hugs, Roxy

  5. Hi Roxy,
    I'm not going to get to sewing today. I just finished working on my budget. I'm always glad when I finish that. I just realized it's 1:03, and I haven't made lunch for my daughter and I! The older three children are all working today. When did they grow so old? 13, 15, 17 and 24.

    Well, I'd better feel my Amy and I.

    God bless you!

    P.S. I hope you find the perfect project for the state fair! Amy has almost finished the apron she's making with yours as a pattern. She's putting a ruffle on the bottom. The 4H fair will be next month.

  6. Thanks Jayne. I'm the same way. I want to make a date with myself on the calendar, and tell everyone, "No, I won't drive you. I'm sewing." ~smile~

  7. What a busy week.. Life is passing by so fast.. Our kids/grandkids are growing up way too fast.ha ... I miss the little babies..
    I love the idea of the creek .. Sounds very relaxing..
    Wonder why we have such a hard time fitting sewing into our schedules.. I use to sew for ebay and I sewed every day, now... It is so hard to find time, to sew for my own self.ha.. Love to sew, I must make time..ha
    Have a blessed week. Judy

  8. I'm going to look up the books you're reading, the titles sound very interesting. Your post radiates calmness, I love it!
    Hope you had a great monday.

  9. Good idea about the duel enrollment, wish I had thought of that, smiles. Have a lovely Tuesday--and I loved your Daybook. Blessings

  10. Thank you, Bibi. I don't always feel calm, but it's a wonderful feeling.

  11. I'm not sure Judy. I guess maybe I look around at all the stuff I should do and don't, then think about the pleasures of sewing, and I don't feel like I should.
    Stinkin' thinkin' on my part, I guess. I'll never get everything done.

  12. Don't you just hate when you plan out a meal and it doesn't turn out!?! Its always good to have a plan B!! Hope you get to do some sewing. Have a great week!

  13. Hi Jodi,
    I not only planned it, I cooked it! I made a delicious chicken chili Sunday, but we weren't hungry that night because of a big dinner.

    Late that night, we had a cup, but the crock pot was nearly full and ready for Monday night's dinner.

    I couldn't put it in the fridge hot, so I just turned it off intending to put in the fridge after it cooled a bit.

    It cooled alright. I forgot it on the counter until the next morning! Oh! It had been so good, too. I felt so wasteful and started into my old pattern of self-condemnation, but I stopped myself. It was an accident. So, l threw it away, and we had sandwiches last night.

    Thanks for talking back at Harvest Lane Cottage!

  14. I enjoy your journal every week. You remind me that I should start reading real books again. I listen to audio books in the car when I'm driving but there's nothing like reading an actual paper paged book!
    I am trying to budget my money better (after all these years!) I'd be interested in how you budget.
    I suppose it would also help me if I planned my meals weekly but with just me it never seems like a necessity. I don't eat much at one time. I sort of graze : ))

  15. The best thing I can suggest for budgeting is to get one of Dave Ramsey's budget books or attend Financial Peace University. You should be able to find his books in the library. We've been able to pay down our bills over the years and now only have one loan that still needs to be repaid.

    Fewer bills makes quicker budgeting, though being short on money means it's still hard sometimes.

    We found the food budget to be the only place we could really have any wiggle room. My food budget pays for life because we don't make enough to do other things. We have learning to do.


  16. Your sewing projects sound like fun :) I have been wanting to sew up a skirt for the last 5 months...maybe it will happen before summer is over! Thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration this week. Blessings!

  17. Thanks. for visiting my blog, Laura. I like your day book entry. What a great tradition, and good things written for your future generations,


  18. You are so lucky, still a young mama with your loved ones around you.

  19. Getting older, Jennifer! I had my youngest three late! Be blessed!

  20. This was lost in my email. I apologize Lady Lydia.
    I'll visit soon.


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