Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good Morning!

Good morning! It's not July 7th, but I thought this was a cute photo one of my kids made. I'm moving slowly this morning.

I was up late listing some items in my Ebay shop. There are some vintage items and some books.
I also updated my listings at Homeschool Classifieds.
I was too tired to check on my Etsy shop.

Why stay up so late?
I'm trying to earn some money for school books and for Emily's college dual enrollment tuition. It seems I'm always busy with my kids, my husband, the restaurant, or the house and can't get much else done during the day.

This is a delicious Sweet Coconut Chai Tea from Celestial Seasonings. It's spicy sweet with a spot of cream and  a sprinkle of stevia.

Hope you have a really good day today!


  1. Oh how I understand about earning money or finding money and I just sold all my books back from last semester to get extra money. (not that I am going to need them, I did keep my History and Literature books)

    Hope you find some time for yourself...that tea sounds nice. Have a Blessed Tuesday, my friend.

  2. Did I say Tuesday?????Sorry about that if I did, I am need of more coffee. Have a Blessed WEDNESDAY.

  3. awwww, kids and family take up all your time but fill your heart with more love than it can hold!!!

    the tea pic is cute...i'm a tea girl!!!

  4. You're right, Debbie. I often wonder what I'll do when they're all grown. Do you have children?

  5. Debbie, just popped over to your blog and now I know!

  6. If I don't get called in to work, I may just take an hour for myself today sometime, Linda.

  7. Ah, Linda, you made me smile this morning. It was finally 1:30 when I dropped into bed!

  8. Aww... money... there are changes for us in the next two weeks that will cause a drop in our income. :( I went through Megan's closet last night and gathered some things to take to the consignment shop. I am hopefull that I can earn enough credit in the next couple of months to cover the cost of her winter clothes.

    I hope you earn enough to cover your expenses and find some time to get some rest for yourself.

  9. Good Evening Laura! I am trying to figure out what high school books I need for my oldest boy. I've got almost all of them except for Science and American Literature. The older the grade the higher the price. I have nights like that too and I haven't been sleeping well, so come morning I'm very tired. Hope this will pass. ;) Enjoy the rest of your evening. Hugs, Amy

  10. It's a challenge, isn't it? I don't have enough money for all I need. I'm trying to figure it out.
    Thanks for writing Amy. I always enjoy hearing from you.
    Your friend,


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