Friday, May 20, 2016

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #64

Welcome to another thrifty week at Harvest Lane Cottage. I am honored by your visit.  Each week I share my thrifty and frugal projects, ways of saving money, and my blessings from God. 

I am so glad you dropped in for a visit today—or tonight!
I have enjoyed meeting so many ladies over the past few weeks. 
I love it when y'all leave comments, so I can meet you and see your blogs, too.

Here's my thrifty week:

~ Real Estate Investment - Decluttered for our garage sale... more to come. I cleared about 6 cubic feet.

~ My daughter is reusing the math program her two siblings used.

~ My Amy borrowed a camera to shoot senior photos for my Emily.

~ My son got an awesome deal on a gun he'd been wanting for a long time. $90 saved. Wow! He should take me to dinner! 

~ Actually he just fried venison from the deer he shot last fall. He cooked. How great is that?

~ My elder son, Matthew, gave us lots of macaroni and cheese and pasta. It should last a long time.

~ We used some of my homemade soap for showers.

~ I gave simple wedding gifts to two families that I made from yarn given to me this spring. 

~ Cool temperatures meant no air conditioner!

~ I received some items for review. 

~ I received an extra book, Dawn at Emberwilde, to give away.

Have a beautiful week!

What are you doing in your home this week?

...doing what I can with what I've got
where I am on a short shoestring budget!

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  1. I have to say....every time I visit, you sure can make a person smile...and I am so loving the birds on here. Have a beautiful weekend, friend.

  2. You're too sweet, Linda. Sometimes I leave the blog up and let the birds sing. I find it relaxing!

  3. I love these tips. And love that your son made venison! My older brother hunted a little when he was a teenager, and I reaped the benefits of deer and rabbit. :)

  4. Great Thrifty week. I entered. I'll be back!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  5. Enjoyed listening to the relaxing birdsongs while I read how your thrifty week went! We do so love venison, and fried is the best! It is wonderful to hear how you have found ways to save each week :)

  6. I wanted a lighter look in my dining room for the window seat cushion cover. I realized that I had a beautiful blue and white quilt in the attic with matching pillows. I cut the quilt down to make the cover and made the pillow shams into smaller pillows. New look - No cost!

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.thanks for sharing at SYC.

    1. Bravo! That's terrific! I need to get my sewing machine out and do some mending and some makeovers. Thanks for talking back!

  7. Lovely blog. I'm enjoying reading through your posts.

  8. Bravo! That's terrific! I need to get my sewing machine out and do some mending and some makeovers. Thanks for talking back!


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