Monday, June 20, 2016

My Daybook ~ June 20, 2016

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Dear Ladies, 

  It's Monday morning. I'm up before the kids. I was also up after the kids last night. I think I will probably be more tired than the kids today. ~smile~ With Emily's graduation past, and several weeks left until homeschool starts again, my mind is filled with ideas of things I'd like to get done. I think it's probably time to make another bucket list. I never finish all on my list, but it does help me to do more of what I want to do. Thanks for dropping by! May God grant you the desires of your heart as you delight in Him.
God bless you!
For Today... June 20, 2016

Outside my window... Blue skies with a high in the upper '90's today. The van's parked in the shade awaiting my morning drive.

I am thinking... about my daughter, Emily's, college application process.

I am thankful... that my husband paid to have my van's air conditioner fixed! Thank you honey! You've changed my life... in many ways!
I am wearing... an old black dress. I'll be changing before I go out later.

I am creating... I definitely will be making baby bibs this week. I found a pattern that I printed off years ago that I'm going to use. I have a new niece and two baby showers to attend soon. I need to sew now!

I am going... to the community college in the next town to enroll my Emily. The years have gone so quickly. 
I am wondering... what God has in store for us.

I am reading... I've been visiting blogs while I wait for my next review book to arrive. 

I am hoping... to finish everything up for this school year this week. Then I can think about next year. ~smile~ Yes. I wrote this last week, too. I did photograph and get several items listed in My Ebay shop. My goal this week is to photograph and list five items for sale each day—on Ebay, in my much neglected Etsy shop, or on Craig's List. I am entering serious declutter mode. I must focus on my real estate investment strategy.

Just because Penny is funny sometimes!

A favorite quote for today... 
President Teddy Roosevelt

A peek into one of my days...  
The blessing at Emily's homeschool graduation
One of my favorite things... quiet mornings

From the Board Room... I've got lots of 4th of July ideas pinned on Pinterest.

A Favorite Link... Jes' blog, Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth
Have a wonderful week!
Happy at Home
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  1. I love lists as well. I hardly even complete them, but never mind :-)

  2. I have lists for my lists, smiling and giggling. Thank you sweet friend for you words...they area always uplifting.

  3. Lists are good to have. I have sticky notes on my cabinet of things to do and I also have one for my hubby. It seems as though the list grows quicker than I can complete them. ;)
    It seems as though your weeks are filled with many blessings! Enjoy the quiet moments when you can! Time sure is flying!
    Thinking of you, Amy

  4. Penny is so cute. :D

    Congrats to your daughter graduating and going into college. Hope she gets in the college of her choice.

    Tired but happy, aren't you? :)

    1. She's been accepted at the local community college to start. Thanks Lux!

  5. Sounds like a great week. Your daughter is beautiful!

  6. List are so helpful, even if we don't get everything done. It helps to remember them..
    Emily heading off to college... isn't it hard to realize they grow up so fast.. my Emily [granddaughter] is 17. She will be a senior next year, but she was chosen to take 2 premed courses at college this summer.. It has been a really rough summer school class for her, but she will not only receive the credits, but a scholarship for college.. Very proud of her but kinda sad , to see her growning up so fast..
    Hugs. Hope you have a very blessed week..

    1. I still remember the old Carter's ad from the '80's, "If they could just stay little 'til their Carters where out." My Emily is going to camp for a month, then she will take classes at the community college and live at home. It will make the transition easier, but I know as soon as she buys a car—well, everything will change.

      I'm so happy for your Emily. May God give her a clear head and good memory and understanding for the course as well as good time management and energy in Jesus' Name!

      Hugs to you Judy!


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