Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #87

Welcome to another thrifty week at Harvest Lane Cottage. I am glad you've found me! Each week I share my thrifty and frugal projects, ways of saving money, and my blessings from God. 

I am so glad you dropped in for a visit today—or tonight!

Hey Y'all! 
Can you believe we are less than a week from Thanksgiving? It totally snuck up on me. I know, it comes the same time each year, but I've been distracted by the election and confused by the trees that are only now reaching the height of their brilliant fall glory... a month late! Well, once I felt a nip in the air and golden leaves met me as I took my little dog out this week, I felt a refreshing joy and an excitement about the weeks to come. I can't wait to see what God's got in store!
Here's my thrifty week:

~ I bought four pounds of butter for $2.49 each. I saw a lower price later, but I still felt I'd gotten a good deal.

~ I used up the last little bits of bars of homemade soap. "Waste not want not!"*

~ I bought six 10 oz bags of Birdseye frozen corn for $.64 each.

~ I invested in one cubic foot of real estate

~ I earned Swagbucks that I'm saving up to buy some nifty gift cards for my family. I'd tell you the totally awesome place, but then a certain someone might see it on my blog! Gotta keep Mrs. Kringle's secrets, you know? There's still time for you to sign up and earn gift cards from places like Starbucks, Amazon, PayPal, Bath and Body, Bass Pro, Olive Garden, Kohls, and Home Depot. There are lots of choices. Please check it out using by clicking on the picture below to learn and earn more. (Yep, it's a link that will help me earn more SB too. It doesn't cost you a penny.)

Join Swagbucks!

~ My big thrill of a purchase was like getting a Christmas gift from God. A new thrift store opened in a nearby city yesterday. Since I was in the neighborhood today, I dropped in. Guess what? I found a nice fluffy warm coat in just my size! It's a medium purple (one of my favorite colors), and I think it might have down in it. Even if it doesn't it's super warm and three quarters length—perfect for dresses—has a removable hood (I don't like them.), and it was $13.49!!! Oh God lead me to that deal for sure! Shopping for a coat was on my bucket list, but the prices I found were way out of my range, so I had pretty well given up. BUT GOD! Thank you LORD!

My husband's paycheck is late since the boss is out of town, but when I get my grocery money, I'll be hitting the sales big time! Gotta make the list and check it twice. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!

Well, that's my thrifty week. 
What are you doing in your home this week?

A peek into my life...

He's my favorite!

...doing what I can with what I've got
where I am on a short shoestring budget!


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  1. Hi Laura, I am so glad you found such a great deal on that coat! Funny thing this, I recently bought an new winter coat at a thrift store also and it was a deep plum color. Purple is also my favorite color! Be blessed my friend!

  2. Thank you for the grins...besides school, I haven't done any shopping, hubby has taken care of all that. Have a beautiful weekend, looks like a winter storm is brewing up here. smiles

    1. I actually like the first winter storm—if I'm prepared, and I have heat. No heat right now. No wood and the heater's not set up. Just a little portable heater right now. Hubby will take care of it this week.
      Enjoy and God bless you and help you with your exam prep. By the way, Em is making a B in math, and she's all caught up!

  3. That is a fantastic price on yor coat. I love to see how God meets our needs! I took my mom to the grocery store on Thursday (she doesn't drive) and they were stocking like crazy. I'll be back again this week for a couple of last minute items. I try to go early in the morning as I don't enjoy crowds. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. I am having a special party beginning Thanksgiving Day and through the weekend.
    You can post your suggestions of Books for Christmas gifts.
    This is a great way to showcase your favorites from the books you reviewed this year.
    I hope you’ll join me! It will be ‘live’ here at Noon.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh I am so happy about the coat! I don't do coats, but made myself a nice, warm crochet cape. Love the picture of you and your beloved.

    1. A cape would be lovely. I wouldn't know where to begin. I am rather excited to be able to actually play in the snow with my kids if I want to. I just had a light jacket last year and a thin wool coat that only stopped a bit of the breeze.

  6. Totally Agree......... Thanksgiving has slipped up on us.. I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a turkey , it was 88 cents a pound..[Previous years , they have been putting them on sale for 39 cents to 59 cents.. I kept watching the ads, but this is the cheapest we have has..eeeeh.. So I gave in and paid]
    Stocked up on butter, cream of chicken/mushroom soups, cranberry sauce.etc.
    I have all the fixings... have finished the fall cleaning [YEA!!]..Now I just have to maintain the cleaning..
    Hope you and family have a blessed week and Thanksgving.

    1. Just got my husband's paycheck! Yay! Too bad the bank is closed. We will have to wait until Monday to deposit it. Oh well. So glad I won't have to shop in the evenings! I haven't seen better than $.99 a pound this year. What gives? Beats me.
      Blessings! Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. I haven't seen turkeys less than 99 cents a pound, that's at Aldi. The same 2 name brands were $1.29 at Walmart. We needed 2 so you know where we bought them 😄
      I'm so happy you found a nice coat, and just in time for this cold front.

  7. That coat was surely a God Thing. He is amazing that way. :)
    Here at Little Pond we are staying home as much as possible this week (Awana on Wed)and eating from the freezer and pantry, even for lunch. For us, this is big. Dh being on graveyard and being asleep til supper has something to do with it, lol.
    Found the gifts for adult family, and they come with two free gifts (that will suit another two family members). It's buy three, get two free, woohoo!

    Not buying any body wash, but using the scented hand soaps that we have in excess (how did I wind up with so much??)so that's a savings.

    Playing board games at night with the boy, catching up on homeschool (flu, ugh), and walking around the pond and deer feed areas for exercise.

    It's supposed to be 38 tonight, and 34 tomorrow night. Finally, some cold weather. Days are going to be in the 60's, down from 70/80s. Yay!

  8. Laura,

    I made centerpieces for my December 4 dinner fellowship tables. They were free: empty jars, twigs and got glue. I did buy little battery-operated votives to light them up inside.

    I deconstructed a vintage yo-yo quilt and made placemats with them for the ladies' table.

    I will cut up two long camel-colored linen drapes and make tablecloths for my 60-inch round tables.

    I will use bandanas from the $1.95 store here on Guam for the men's table napkins and cut off Levi's pockets to decorate their table.

    I made six potholders for each of my daughters for Christmas from the cut-up Levi's.

    We are giving our four adult children (two married couples; no grands yet) four things for Christmas:
    Something you want
    Something you need
    Something to wear
    Something to read.

    The want: cash to spend at after-Christmas sales, etc.
    The need: I ordered the guys undershirts online (free shipping or pick-up) and made the potholders for the girls.
    To wear: Christmas Eve pajamas (free shipping or pick-up)
    To read: books, of course!
    All done!

    I, too, stocked up on butter, $3.99/pound. On Guam, that's almost half-price!

    I also stocked up on cream cheese, $2/8-ounce brick. I make a lot of cheese cake.

    Saved leftover coffee for making my Zucchini Mississippi Mud, one of the three desserts I'm serving at our fellowship. The coffee adds a richness to it as does the zucchini.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you,

    1. Oh WOW! You've done amazing things Kelley! I am impressed with how much you've done to be ready! I have much to do. I'm determined not to fret.
      Be blessed, and enjoy your Thanksgiving—do you celebrate it there? I'm assuming you're from the U.S.A..

  9. Yay for your coat!!!!
    What a happy day. : )
    Hope you have a blessed, cozy Thanksgiving my friend.
    Great photo too!

  10. That is a great price on the vegetables! I like Swagbucks too and recently redeemed them for a gift card to help with our holiday grocery shopping.

  11. Oh, that is so wonderful about your coat! That is just like our GOD!! He is so amazing!!!! :)

  12. What a wonderful deal on that coat! God is good! I am just amazed at how God supplies our every need.
    I went and did some grocery shopping and got several things on sale. I love it when I don't have to spend full price on an item needed. I even started on Christmas shopping, 2 people down 5 people to go. Yay!
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Laura!
    Hugs, Amy

    1. You're making great progress, Amy. Good for you. The check came in the mail, so I should have grocery money by tonight. I kept waiting for a good price on turkeys, but it never came. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy one today. I'm usually thawing already! I may have to finish up in cold water. We shall see.

      May your Thanksgiving be joyful!

  13. You got some great deals! I am seriously combing the stores right now at holiday time for kids' stuff! Visiting from Peaches and Salt!

  14. You got some great deals! I'm seriously combing the stores right now looking for items for my family during the holiday season. It came upon us so quickly this year! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Visiting from Peaches and Salt!

  15. So glad you found the coat! And in your color! Smile!

    I did get some great buys recently, I had to switch some money around from other things to cover the costs, of course! I decided to try it though.

    I have been wanting to get baby formul for the winter, when we can't get out or the kids electric bill goes too high, and they run short of funds. I was able to get six large containers, with a combination of a rain check buy one get one half off sale, plus a $5.00 store coupon, and the store let me have the first one $5.00 off because they only had one in stock at the time. I saved $40.00.

    I did splurge and get two Hersey bars buy one get one, $1.00, for two, this will last many months in the fridge when I honestly want a piece of dark chocolate. I break off one piece at a time, a treat, but never eat the whole thing.

    Another store was running buy one get one on vehicle oil, not the store brand I usually get. I saved $14.40 on eight, my little car leaks badly so the need for oil is always there, but cheaper than having the engine work done for now.

    The same dollar store had cooking oil, .50 off, and if you bought the oil, you could get a smaller container of shortening, which was .50 cents off price too, for free. I never use shortening, but I will donate it to the food pantry for someone who does. So the cost was $2.50 for both, a good price here for the oil alone.

    I will be pinching dollars not pennies here for awhile, trying to play catch up. Celery is on sale this week, it usually runs $1.49 here. I'm hoping to get some to put back in the freezer for soups and casseroles.

    We are eating at Mamaw's as usual for Thanksgiving. So will have extra meals coming from there for Friday as well. Here enough is cooked for an army, and then some. Always plenty to share. I will be taking a pie, and maybe something else sweet, probably fruit salad. She always wants her own main dishes cooked at her house her way :) We all do what she wants! We will be baby sitting that day, my DIL has to work until 3:30

    We had a pot luck dinner at church Sunday to honor some visiting benefactors, they brought a huge van load of food for the pantry, clear across state to get here, and donated $2.300 for the benevolence fund. Until two weeks before then, we'd never heard of them. They said the Lord said to do it. Things like that always amaze me. One of the lead fellows turns out is distantly related to the Preacher, and they never knew. It was a fourteen hour drive for them just to get here.

    After the dinner, they was enough food left for Monday here also. So the cooking is light until Thanksgiving.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, and a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Awesome awesome awesome Annie!
      Sounds like you've gotten terrific deals.
      God is amazing in the way he moves resources about, is he not?
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Late paycheck are NO fun at all! Thanks for the post :)

    I hope you will consider joining in the 2017 PenPal sign-ups on my blog:


  17. What a terrific week you've had Laura! How awesome that the Lord provided the perfect coat for you... His ways are so amazing, and I never cease to be amazed at His provision. I believe you will find a turkey at a reasonable price too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    1. It was a perfect price—free!
      By the end of Monday, I'd been given three turkeys! The biggest one will be our Thanksgiving dinner.
      Be blessed my dear. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.


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