Saturday, April 1, 2017

Simple Little Reminders of Grandma Bern

Grandma Bernadine Conklin, Laura, Matthew, and Dad
Four Generations
Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandma!

~ April 1st, her birthday
~ Thanksgiving
~ Miracle on 34th Street
~ vegetable gardens
~ shelves of home canned foods
~ large pearl tapioca pudding
~ eggs fried in bacon grease
~ the smell of coffee and bacon in the morning
~ Christmas cookies
~ The Catholic Church
~ Pepsi in glass bottles
~ date pinwheel cookies
~ stacks of magazines
~ old metal swing sets
~ old Christmas carols
~ Bing Crosby Christmas songs
~ chickens
~ handprints in concrete sidewalks
~ cool, dark cellars
~ wringer washers
~ bowling score pads
~ waxed cardboard milk boxes
~ milk bottles and home milk delivery
~ braided plastic bread bag rugs
~ wooden screen doors
~ open cellar stairs
~ old-fashioned claw foot tubs
~ apple butter
~ cut-out sugar cookies in an ice cream bucket
~ hand cranked homemade ice cream
~ old black dial telephones
~ pump organs
~ crocheted doilies
~ big chest freezers
~ vintage brown stoneware dishes, I think they were Hull.
~ big Texas Ware bowls
~ black and white photos
~ cotton house dresses
~ long drives at night
~ raisin bread pudding
~ green ceramic Christmas trees with lights

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  1. Nice memories. I think some of those must be shared universal grandma memories. Makes me wonder what my granddaughter will remember about me.

  2. Hi Laura - What a lovely memory filled post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. You are welcome, Mrs. B. Enjoy your week.

  3. Many of these brought back sweet memories of my Gramma as well. Enjoy your evening and have a blessed Sunday. Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. Hope your week is relaxing and refreshing Teri as well as productive.

  4. Thank you Laura...{{smiles}}--have a lovely SONday friend.

  5. A nice list for sure!
    That's a great photo!
    I remember the Catholic Church here, we did not go there.
    But there is a funny memory my Momma used to laugh over.
    My Grand Daddy and Grandmother would have really came down hard in the old days on the kids for misbehaving. Not abuse, but dreaded discipline.
    Back in the day when Momma was young, she had a best friend, Lucille, and they stood on ladder back chairs to do dishes, they were that small.
    Anyway the Catholic Church stood next to the railroad track, a forbidden area for the girls, but they were always curious kids into everything.
    They always wanted to sneak into the church, just to see what it was all about.
    One day, they really brave, and snuck in. Candles, music, the works, they got so scared when the priest came through in his long dark robe, it liked to have scared them to death. They jumped up between the back pews, screamed, climbed up on the the pews and dived onto the window sills. The priest good man that he was, turned on them, blinked, and went right on with his duties. Back then they had open windows, and no air-conditioning. They tumbled out the windows, right beside the tracks, screaming as loud as they could, they high tailed it back for home.
    Granddaddy never found out, or if he did, he never let it be known.
    Momma told that story her whole life, it would have been in the late 1920s when they did it.
    I hadn't thought of that in years, just saw that on your list, and it set me off in my own memories. I miss my Momma, she went on to Jesus in 2003.
    Have a great week Laura.

    1. Oh what a story Annie! I hope you tell your kids and grandkids!
      My momma went to be with Jesus in 1999 right before my second son was born. I miss her, too.
      Hugs, I'm glad to bring a memory.

    2. Your post sure got me to thinking about the wonderful memories of my grandmother. She has been with the Lord 30 years, and I miss her and think of her always. As we are preparing to move in a few weeks, and seeking to line up a mover for my Grandmother's piano, I watched our 2 year old granddaughter stand at the keys and sway her little hips as she plunked on the keys. She is the 5th generation to play on it. Good memories are a blessing. Have a blessed week sweet lady.

    3. Oh good Karla! I was hoping that in honoring my grandma's memory, it might stir others' memories as well. 5th generation! Wow! I hope you share those memories with her as she grows.
      God bless!


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