Saturday, October 28, 2017

And It Came To Pass... Cancer Surgery

Some of my favorite words in the Bible are, "and it came to pass."
The oldest known literature in the English language (at least when I was in college) was called Deor's Lament. It was a long poem that told of one terrible thing after another that had happened in the past. Each stanza ended with these words, "That now is gone, this too shall pass." It was written in old English, but the meaning was the holds truth for the twenty-first century.

So, the  cancer surgery, like the chemo, has come to pass. Some of my bandages were removed this week. A couple of the drainage tubes were removed. Hopefully, even more will be removed next week. It's been hard at times this last week, but God, my medical team, my friends, my prayer team, and my family have been faithful to take care of me. Thank you all for doing your part to help me through this tough part of my life that feels like one long lament. Thank you God, that with Jesus, it's not over. That now is gone, this too shall pass.


  1. God bless you. May you feel better each and every day.
    With God all things are possible.
    Thank you God.

  2. Prayers for you, sweet Laura. Swift recovery, cancer free, joy in the journey, or at least comfort and peace (His of course). :)

  3. Your so positive and that's the way to be! It will be all a distant memory and it will all come to pass. Prayers

  4. You are in my prayers, sweet friend.

  5. Yes.. my friend, It too shall pass..[ Love Deor's Lamant..]
    Praying that each week, will get better and better.. Hugs.

  6. Still praying, Laura, and holding you close in thought too. I'm happy to hear of the good team taking care of you and as always, the praise of our Lord on your lips!


  7. Be blessed, this too shall pass is definitely a truth to hold onto. I'm thankful you remembered that!
    My prayers continue, please rest!

  8. Trudy Abernathy NeillOctober 28, 2017 at 7:35 PM

    and as my father would say to me...."joy cometh in the morning".....thinking of you and the family....sending love. Trudy

  9. Thanks for the update! I so appreciated my daughter and dear DIL who were great helpers! God knows and cares.

  10. Praying for quick healing for you!

  11. Rest and recover.
    We are all praying for you!

  12. Oh my sweet friend, you are in my prayers and you are right, this too shall pass. Take good care of you and get lots of rest.

  13. Bless you ~ I can't imagine what you have been through and are still going through. Your in my prayers xo

  14. Yes, this part is behind you, praise God! You are closer and closer to complete healing. Hang in there sweet friend!

  15. Yes. Your faith is strong and you're going to be okay. Haleluyah!

  16. Yes! It will pass. I'm reminded of a old song from my younger days called This Too Will Pass. I found it on You Tube yesterday. Though there are different covers my favorite is Rev.James Cleveland's. Check it out sometime!

  17. Great Blessing to me to see you post. I'm still praying for you..

  18. Good Afternoon Mrs. Laura,

    I feel so terrible that I've been away from blogging for more than an entire season & y'all have been going through this trial.

    I must tell you as I tried to "catch up" with you via your posts this afternoon, your wirings ministered to me in a great way. Your steadfastness in the Word, prayer and the love of God though out this trial is such a powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing all you and your family has been going through and most of all, thank you for continuing to praise the Lord through all of it.

    I am looking forward to having more time to check in with your blog more often.

    Hugs, Blessings & Prayers for you and your family,

  19. Hi Laura,
    So good to hear from you and last week is over. Next week will come and be better than last week. Praise God for His faithfulness, love and healing. Our bodies are marvelous how they work and how they heal. God is an Awesome God! This time of year is so beautiful. This fall here where I live is so beautiful! The golds, the reds, oranges and browns combine to make my drive to town just so gorgeous! Thank you God for making such a beautiful world for us to enjoy! May God continue blessing and healing you. Hugs, Gla

  20. Thank you so much for encouraging me, Gla. I would love it if you would send me your email address so that I can respond directly to you as I'm able.
    Be blessed,

    1. My email is
      Blessings to you,

  21. Dear Laura, what an excellent poem to remember in this most difficult season of your life, and yet as I look at the blessings of the Lord that have been there to help you through each bit of it, I know, that even as the words in the poem say, this too shall pass, someday you will be able to look back upon the many lasting blessings of the Lord through this time. I continue to hold you up in prayer, and lift your precious family to the throne room of the Lord too, as it is such a difficult time for everyone. Praying that you are able get through the recovery process without any troubles, and thankful that the surgery is behind you. Much love to you today dear friend!

  22. I am glad you are starting to mend. I agree that the best part of this surgery is that it's over!!! I am sure, if it were me, the anticipation of the surgery would be as bad as the surgery itself. Maybe worse, as I have much too good of an imagination. So, I'm very happy for you that it is over. I'm sure the more bandages/tubes/ etc. that are removed, the more like yourself you will feel, so I'm glad that process has began.

    I have also been praying for you as you go through this journey. I hope this week you can continue to mend, and start getting up and around in whatever way is appropriate. (I'm very ignorant about after-surgery care, but I have noticed they want people to move around a bit, anyway)

    I have to give you a bit of humor....the other day, I was reading some back posts from your blog, as I am quite new to it, and your bird sounds were chirping in the background. I read on for a little while, and all of a sudden, one of my daughters exclaimed, "Mom, those birds in the yard are REALLY loud today. Are there a lot of them out there?" I had to laugh, but told her it was on the computer. We often have birds in our yard, but often they are crows cawing....not quite as pleasant:)

    1. Hi Becky!

      I needed this smile this morning. Thank you. Every once in awhile, I think about replacing the birds with music. Then someone writes and shares their happy experience with the birds. One lady had a cat who kept wanting to get on her keyboard!

      I had a difficult weekend, but last night I finally slept pretty well (in spite of waking for meds). It made a big difference in how I feel today.

      Thanks so much for taking time to talk back to me. It made me feel happy. Do you know that your comment came through to me as a "No Reply Blogger"? If you'd like to change that so that other bloggers can respond directly to you through email, take a look at this post.

      Either way, I'd love to have your email so that I can reach you when you write. As you may guess, I am not responding to all my emails right now because of pain tolerance for typing. ~smile~ But, one day I'll be back to normal.

      Here's a post with some favorite blog posts from my archives.

      God bless you, please visit again.

  23. Prayers continue for you.

  24. Miss Laura
    Please rest and do not over tax yourself. Heal and enjoy the fall season. We are all here praying for your recovery. Let all of us know how we can help you. From reading your blog you have a lovely group of ladies who care a lot about you. Thank
    You for showing us such grace and faith in the face of life's trials. May God bless you and heal your body. Hugs.

  25. Laura, I'm so happy that you're on the healing side of this tough journey and that you're being taken care of!
    I know that after I had a tough surgery, I kept wondering if I'd ever feel normal again. I did. It's funny that you should say, "This too shall pass." That was my mom's favorite saying....annoyed the heck outta me as a teenager! But now I get it.

    Stay faithful and listen to your caregivers! For everything there is a season and this is your season to rest and recover.

    Be blessed, Laura!

  26. Laura, Praise God for your faith and strength in this journey you are on. No matter what kind of day I am having, your blog always puts things back in perspective and reminds me to lean on the Lord for EVERYTHING, the good , the bad , and the ugly...God Bless you dear lady, you are a true inspiration in my life. Sending a gentle hug...

  27. I pray for you still more than once a day. I am so glad the surgery is now past. Hang in there and keep looking ahead! Oh and because I know you care so much for others, I will tell you my Jack is doing better too. Loving huggles.

  28. "And it came to pass..." Oh, how you inspire me, dear Laura. Even in the midst of pain and struggle, you lift your eyes to Jesus and trust fully in Him. You are such a blessed testimony.

    Please know that I am continually praying for you. MUCH LOVE to you!

  29. God bless you and I am praying for you.
    God is so good..


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