Sunday, April 15, 2018

My Spring Reading List 2018

     I made quite a bucket list this spring. I don't expect to do everything on the list, and I don't expect to finish all of these books, but they give me some goals. 

     Do you find it hard to make time to read? Don't fret. Snatch those small moments sprinkled here and there during the week. Snatch reading is key for ladies who have young children or work outside the home. 

     Don't be without a book! For years my children would hear me tell them, as we were leaving the house, "Bring a book!" Still need suggestions? Try 5 Ways to Find Time to Read.

     I hope this list inspires you to make a list of your own. Peruse your own shelves or stacks, the library, or read some of my book reviews

I borrowed this from the coffee shop.
Finished this May 14th. Well worth the read.
I liked the rich history woven skillfully into this
story. It began slowly, but a few chapters in I was hooked.

I listened to this one on my Kindle Fire
using the text to voice feature. I like it because
I can knit while I listen. Finished 4/15.

I finished this one.

I started this awhile back,
but I forgot about it after my diagnosis.

I picked this up and borrowed it from the coffee shop.
I started reading it when I finished Shiloh Autumn.

I've finished this one already.

Making progress.

I've been reading this slowly, marking up the book
and studying as I go. It's been very helpful in
this cancer fight.

New Testament 
I'm making progress. 

I didn't finish it all, so I'll be adding some to the summer reading list!


    1. Good suggestions! This will be a very reading summer for us.

      I am looking for a bible study to do. Any suggestions?

    2. Hi Laura,

      Looks like a great collection of books! I would love to hear your thoughts on "Shiloh Autumn" and "He Fell in Love with His Wife". I own both books, but have yet to read them. Have you read "Barriers Burned Away" by Roe? That was an excellent book!

      My husband and I watched "War Room" and were truly blessed by it.


    3. I think I have around 150 books on my Kindle but I get frustrated that I cannot organize them into categories and types. I do love it otherwise. So, I end up starting a book and then deciding I don't like it and deleting it and it goes that way until I find a good one. So many books are so poorly written these days that it makes me wonder if they are even proof read before publication.

      We read Eggerich's 'Love and Respect' when it came out and it was transforming for our marriage so I am interested in this new book he has out since I am Mom to 3 boys. Thanks for the recommendation!

    4. Love to read, but always start too many books and get side tracked. I've been limiting it to only 3 at a time to actually get some finished.

    5. Looks like some really good books you are reading.
      I seem to have more than one book going at a time.

      God bless you♡

    6. A wonderful list.. ALways take reading with me to doctors visits.. Makes waiting so much more easily
      Praying for you , as you go through this recovery period.. Think of you often.. hugs.

    7. Lovely reading list Laura. I will be sure to check out some of those books. Just wanted to say hi and that you are still in my prayers. Love and hugs, xoxo

    8. Those look like good books. I'm trying to read up some of my paper and print books that I have collected through the years from thrift stores. That way I can purge, and buy some more!

    9. Nice list.

    10. I love to read good books and have quite a collection here. I also borrow a lot from the library. Books are like friends don't you think? :)

    11. Precious Laura,
      Oh, I am so glad to see that you are reading that book by Kenneth Hagin! Have you read the "Health Food" daily devotional, also written by him? That book was instrumental in healing my Pastor from cancer, and then a friend of mine from breast cancer. Of course, it's the Lord who heals, but, boy He really used that book in the lives of these 2 precious friends. With love and continued prayers, Katherine (never commented here before :))

    12. Looks like you have plenty of good things to read!

    13. wow, dear Laura...that is quite a lot of reading...I don't read much any more...blogging keeps me busy. If I do read, it's during the cold months. Love to you.

    14. A stack of books - what a joy! Just today we went to our annual Lions Booka-rama sale. I won't even say how many books we got !!!, but hey the money goes to a good cause :) My husband and I walked out with a bulging bag each..lots for the grandies too. If I actually get around to doing a post, maybe I should show some of them. Your books look great :) Also I hope you are doing well, and that things are progressing positively with your treatment. Blessings and prayers ~ Linda


    Thank you for praying for me! I have the best blog friends in the world! Yes! You!

    I read all your comments and respond as I can right now.
    Please make sure I have your email if you want me to respond or pray for you.

    God bless you all! This life only works with Jesus. The next life is a continuation of this one—make sure you spend it with Jesus. Jesus is the only way to God the Father!

    Your blog friend,
    Laura Lane
    2 Year Cancer Survivor