Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Winter Bucket List 2019 ~ Harvest Lane Cottage


Last year, I was facing more cancer treatments. 
This year, I rejoice in living.

This list is about doing things that
bring me joy.
What will you put on your list?

  • Write my Winter bucket list
  • Put the Christmas tree away
  • Put away the Christmas decorations
  • Sort through my Christmas decor for discards
  • New Year's Eve with our friends at church
  • New Year's Eve party with my husband's associates
  • New Year's Day with my extended family
  • Attend a book club
  • Review a book
  • Curl up with a terrific book
  • Drink hot tea
  • Enjoy candle light
  • Make chili
  • Double feature night 
  • Try a new tea
  • Try a new soup
  • Sew with friends
  • Lunch out with a friend 
  • Gaze into the fire in the woodstove
  • Knit a bit   
  • Sew
  • Snow ice cream
  • Train my little dog to window shop ~ It's been too cold!
  • Watch a movie at a theater 
  • Help Emily and Amy practice hospitality 
  • Worship Jesus under the winter stars
  • Get dog's nails clipped... I put it on here 'cause it's needed to be done. I tried, she was too scared. The lady at the shop said the dog needs anxiety medicine!
  • Celebrate my son's 28h birthday
  • Knit a Copy Cat CC Beanie hat for Emily I am harvestlanelaura on 
  • Knit a couple hats to donate to the chemo center 
  • Knit children's charity hats  
  • Spend an afternoon with a book and a candle
  • Finish infant bereavement quilts and donate 
  • Invite friends for dessert
  • Use my teapot—white sprinkled with cherries 
  • Make some Trim Healthy Mama food ~ 15 Minute Foccacia is good.
  • Read an evening away with a good book 
  • Finish my Emily's quilt  
  • Pedicure  
  • Manicure
  • Phone visit with Marilyn!

...doing what I can with what I've got where I am 
on a short shoestring budget!

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  1. How do you train a dog to window shop? LOL! That one made me smile! Hope you get to do every, single thing on your list and many more wonderful things this winter! Happy New Year!

    1. You know, I wondered about that one too! I think there is a story to tell in that somewhere :) Smiles!

  2. Great list Laura. We are un decorating the Christmas decorations and will start on the tree today(maybe) have a wonderful,healthy,blessed 2019.

  3. Glad to see you reserving some 'met time' and pampering (mani/pedi) for you! Have a GREAT new year!

  4. We put everything away on New Years Day. School starts back on Jan. 23, and after this semester starting, one left. Then its on to job hunting and making decisions if we are moving...depends on the job. I'm afraid, that's all on my bucket list so far. I'm happy to see you posting. A very belated Christmas and New Year to you. smiles

  5. What a lovely and fun list. I am sure you are looking forward to a better new year and I pray for your continued healing.

  6. Laura, That is quite a list. I love that you are through your cancer treatments and have found JOY in this upcoming year. I am determined to seek JOY this year, too. Bless you and I hope you have a wonderful 2019. xo Diana

  7. That is a wonderful Bucket List! I love all the moments you will spend on yourself!

    Grace & Peace,

  8. thats a long list but
    very practical and possible one i guess

    1. I'm going to give it my best shot, Deeps. I'll be putting my Winter reading list up later this week. I've much to do, to knit, and to read!
      Be blessed,
      Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Hi Laura, I'm always so impressed with your bucket lists. They always sound so well thought out and like a 'warm hug' to oneself :) The funny thing is, here in new Zealand I am just trying to survive the heat !!..oh my, how interesting our wide world is. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  10. What a bucket list but it sounds as though you are doing things that make you happy. I have also decided that I am going to do more for myself this year. I have been using my Crockpot more since the first of the year and I plan to do things easier for me this year.

  11. Now that's quite a bucket list Laura. It's different because most people are just listing their resolutions or goals at the start of a new year. You have so many things that make you happy. That is so awesome. Do a happy dance after each one as you cross them off the list. Happy New Year to you :)

    1. Thanks T.R.! That was a really sweet comment. Stay tuned for my winter reading list tomorrow. It's ambitious, but it gives focus to my reading.
      Be blessed!
      Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  12. Looks like a great list. I do a list of 10 things I want to get done each month and I'm dancing a jig if I can manage to complete 5 of them!

    Are you guys getting snow? We haven't really seen much. I think our biggest was way back in October....which was really strange!! We had snow one week and I was wearing sandals the next!

    1. That's a pretty good idea, Debby. You'll notice, there's nothing hard on my lists yet. No painting the kitchen or scrubbing floor boards etc. Still regaining energy.

      No snow and none in the forecast. I am wearing flip flops today. How sad is that? I may not get a chance to make snow ice cream at this rate. I do miss snow.

      God bless you,

  13. Happy New Year Laura! How wonderful that your cancer treatments are behind you, and you can focus on just living and enjoying life this year! Praising the Lord with you for that!!! Love your bucket list, full of wonderfully special things to do! Do add one to your list... a phone chat with me :) Smiles! Long overdue! So thankful for the goodness of the Lord and the incredible work He did in your life over the past year! May the Lord continue to bless, encourage, uplift and strengthen you in this new year!

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      I added a phone visit to the list. We'll plan a time soon. Thank you for your prayers and support.

  14. I pray you reach each goal and I would love to see a window shopping doxie!

    1. Hello dear Michelle and Marilyn, too!

      When we adopted our little pound puppy, Penny, she was 8 weeks old. I was working part-time with my husband at our restaurant...meaning I was on-call at a moment's notice, I was driving the family everywhere they needed to go in a three town triangle (only 1 vehicle), and I was homeschooling. Penny went along with me in the van sometimes and became very well-behaved in the van on the go. She did not have much contact with strangers except through the window.

      She's four now, and I'm trying to get her used to walking in public without pulling or being unmannerly. We live in a little town with an awesome historic square. Some of the shops have store windows that surround a recessed entrance. When we come to one of these shops, I tell Penny we are going to window shop. We slow down, walk into recess and look at everything in the shop windows. Sometimes a shopkeeper will come to the door to chat. Penny's part is to walk slowly with me or sit by me until I'm ready to go on.

      I'd like to get her so accustomed to going downtown that she will sit by me patiently while I sit on a bench and knit a bit. I think it would add a bit of nostalgia for visitors to our little town.

      This sounds like a blog post. I think I'll just put it up on the blog with a photo of Penny!

      Be blessed!

    2. Hi Michelle,
      I hope little Penny becomes a good little shopper. I am doing it for exercise and so that she can become more sociable. One bonus, with Penny with me, I am not tempted to go in and buy!

  15. This is so good! I am going to copy this idea to get me through till Spring. Thank you!

    1. Great idea Sarah. It gives me focus on happy things. My winter reading list is a help, too. I'll share some of my knitting projects soon.


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