Monday, March 25, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ March 25, 2019

As I write ...   Sunday night

The weather....  not too hot, not too cold

Right now I am...  waiting for my nails to dry before I go to bed. I put OPI Nail Envy strengthener on them. It's the only thing that's helped my post chemo nails grow. I'm also wondering what happened to March and why I haven't blogged!

Thinking...  I'd rather be knitting!

A quote to share...


"It has been well said that no man sank under the burden of the day. It is when to-morrow's burden is added to the burden of to-day that the weight is more than a man can bear." 

George McDonald, poet

On my reading pile...   
  • War, Peace, and All That Jazz:  1018-1945 (A History of US #9)
  • Bible Faith Study Course
  • Candle in the Darkness
  • 30 Days to Understanding the Bible
  • Dead Sea Rising
Favorite blog post last week...  
Something fun to share... 

On the menu for this week...  Not really sure yet, but this is what I'm thinking.
  • Monday ~ Salad
  • Tuesday ~ Everyone goes their own way
  • Wednesday ~ Soup of some kind
  • Thursday ~ Tacos
  • Friday ~ Still thinking about it
On my to do list... 
  • Update records
  • Ironing
  • Put away winter dishes
In the workbasket...  
  • Reyna Shawl
  • Alaska Hat
  • Helix Hat
Looking forward to this week... SPRING!
  • Tuesday - Knitting Group and Book Club
  • Wednesday - Church  
  • Thursday - Chai Tea Latte with a friend
  • Friday -  Time with my husband
  • Saturday -  Preparing for Sunday
  • Sunday - Church and family dinner
Looking around the house...   

I've been rearranging furniture. I keep trying to find an arrangement I like in the living room. My daughter, Amy, bought some plants for her container garden.

From the camera... 

Spring isn't quite here yet.
This is from 2014.

On my prayer list...
  • Peace of Jerusalem and Israel
  • Wisdom, health, and protection for President Trump, Vice-President Pence, and their families. 
  • Healing for our country so that we may be ONE nation under God.
  • Joint and bone pain to stop. It's a side effect from the medicine that is supposed to keep cancer from coming back.
My prayer for you, my reader...

Jesus, I thank you that you hear our prayers. Father, I thank you for sending Jesus. Holy Spirit, I thank you for being our comforter and our teacher. Lord God, three in one, I thank you that you personally know each one of my readers. You know each one's needs, fears, hopes, problems, pains, and illnesses. I ask you God to speak directly to each one, to meet each person's needs, and heal each physical problem. Bless each spiritually, physically, socially, and financially. I ask it all by the power of the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Thanks for dropping by. Please say hello.

Trusting in God's timing, provision, and healing power

Joining with Sandra at Happy Homemaker Monday


  1. Candle in the Darkness is a great book! I hope you enjoy it :) And chai tea latte is one of my biggest weaknesses! Love it! Have a blessed week!

    1. Thanks Sherry! Just started Candle in the Darkness.. My seventeen year old asked me to pre-read it for her. I don't really like coffee, so chai tea latte is my go to for coffee shop meetings.

      Thanks so much for writing to me. I like making new blog friends!

      Blessings, Laura

  2. Will visit the blogs you posted. Have a great week

  3. I LOVE that quote! I hope you find relief from the joint pain soon. My doctor started me on an OTC Tumeric that seems to be helping and has ZERO side effects. Have a GREAT week.

    1. I've been taking turmeric for about 3 weeks. Hoping it will help. Thanks for the advice. Glad it is working for you!

  4. What a fun week you have planned!! The pattern for the bunny is here. Have a great Monday!

  5. What a great quote! Something we should all remember. Prayers you find relief from your pain soon. Such a pretty flower picture. I'm ready for all those spring/summer blooms to be everywhere. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. I agree about the flowers! Thanks for praying. Be blessed!

  6. Replies
    1. Dropped by your blog to say hello. Have a good April!

  7. Hey, Laura! Happy Spring! It's good to see you, my friend! Thanks for the reader's prayer. What a beautiful touch. Love the crocus pic. Mine have already come and gone. I think I'm going to order a bunch this year and plant them for next year. I enjoyed reading your post. Am getting ready to go read Amy's next. Blessings, my friend! Love you! <3

  8. Dear Laura, although I have not appeared for a while, I am always there. Maybe it was that lately I was somewhat depressed. Sometimes I remember that I am alone without my husband, but then I react and find encouragement to move on.
    I wish you all kinds of goods and may God continue to give you the strength to continue so well.
    A huge hug

    1. May Father God lift your depression. Praise God in the good times and in the bad times dear Maria.
      Hugs to you!

  9. Hello dear Friend.
    I actually just picked up a tumeric tea. Supposed to be so good for inflammation. Prayers you feel better soon. Love your inspiration. And chai tea is one of my absolute favorites!!
    Hope you have a blessed week ahead xo

    1. Hi Carrie,
      Do you like the turmeric tea? It is good for inflammation. I'm taking capsules right now. Still waiting for healing, but I am feeling better.
      Happy April!

  10. Hello, my friend!
    Thank you for the mention.
    You are too kind!
    Joining you in prayer for your intentions.

    1. Dear Billie Jo,
      I was glad to do it. Your writing is always uplifting.


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