Wednesday, April 3, 2019

On My Needles... What I'm Reading... April 3, 2019

Hi Everyone!

It's a little backwards, but I thought that it would work better to start with reading rather than knitting this time. 

I shared my Rather Ambitious Spring Reading List yesterday.

I just wanted to add that you may keep up with my reading progress on Goodreads. I update my progress regularly. 
If you are a Goodreads member, you can send me a friend request, too. 
Please let me know that you're a blog friend. Seeing what friends are reading is a great way to build your want to read list. 


I also mentioned that I signed up for a free trial of Scribd. 

I am so excited about Scribd
I am really enjoying listening to some of their great selection of books. My daughter and I are using it for school and for pleasure. We especially like the extensive list of audio books. Currently, I'm listening to The More of Less, Little Women, and A History of US War, Peace, and All That Jazz.

I am not affiliated with Scribd, however, they do give me a free month of service if someone signs up with my link. I was surprised to find out yesterday that I've already received three months free! Thank you for using my link ladies!

Scribd is a website/app where you can read or listen to books for just one fee of $8.99 a month with no limit.  Sometimes you might have to wait a bit for a book, but they don't charge for it. 

 Take a look. If you sign up from this link, you can get a two free months trial.  I've completed 5 books so far on audio since I signed up in February!


On to knitting! Oh, yes, I've just fallen head over needles for knitting this past year.  Tuesday Knit Night is one of the highlights of my week. Its fun to knit, see all the wonderful projects and yarns, eating queso, and talk with friends. It's really inspired me to try new techniques.

My Reyna Shawl has come a long way since January.

On my needles...

I'm still knitting, purling, yarning over, and knitting two together on my Reyna Shawl. It seems I knit awhile, drop some stitches, can't pick them up, unravel, and knit again. I've had a love-hate relationship with Reyna since last summer when I first cast on! I call this the Reyna Rematch! Ultimately, it will probably be called Not Quite Reyna since I made some of my sections the wrong number of rows. Oh well, I've learned a lot along the way. ~smile~

Helix and Alaska
The hat on the left is a Helix hat. I used a variety of yarns left over from the past year's projects. It is sized for a young child. It will be one of my charity hats.

Alaska is the hat with the trees. I was going for a Northern lights effect, but I don't think there was enough contrast in color. I still have a few rows of treetops left, then it will all be the purple/blue color up to the top. I'm not sure if I'll put a pom pom on it yet or not. 

I have been wanting some new stitch markers. I made these with some charms that were loose in my jewelry box and some beads my daughter had on hand.
The crosses were from my mama and the gold one is an earring from my mother-in-love. Both ladies are in Heaven.It was so fun making these, I think I'll make some more one of these days. The possibilities are endless!

Just sharing my excitement!

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  1. Hello Laura! It has been a bit since I popped in. Wow! The knitting is fantastic. I have tried and I had no luck. I love the stitch markers.

    1. ​It's all about YouTube Mrs. Chrissy! I've learned so much there.

  2. I love your Alaska hat. I think it looks very cool. I can see the Northern Light effect. Keep knitting your lovely projects!

    1. Thank you, Laura! I'm glad you can see the effect.
      Laura, too.

  3. Some great looking knits here--the shawl (despite the difficulties!) looks great. I like those stitch markers too.

    1. Thank you, Juliana. I'll be over to visit you at Urban Simplicity in a few minutes!
      Glad to meet you.

  4. Thank you for turning me on to Scribd! I am a huge fan of audiobooks. I was able to check out quite a few through my public library, but the selection wasn't all that and there was often a waiting list. I have bought Audible credits, but that gets expensive fast. Besides, just because I listen to a book and enjoy it doesn't mean I want to own it for always. Scribd has the best selection I've seen anywhere and at a great price

    1. Hi Mazie,
      I'm so glad! I'm loving Scribd for the same reasons. Thanks for talking back!
      Mrs. Laura Lane


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