Friday, July 12, 2019

Laura Lately ~ July 12, 2019


Hello again!

 It's been quite a busy time lately, I've been trying to find the right places for everything. We have a nice sunroom with the perfect spot for my desk. Unfortunately, it's been decided that my computer is not going to be able to connect to the internet in its current location. So, for now, until we decide what to do, I'll be borrowing my husband's laptop. 

  I'm sure you're wondering what I've been up to. Here's a little bit of what I've been up to lately. 

  • I love homemade Snickerdoodles. This time tea wouldn't do. It had to be a cup of fresh, cold milk.

  • I tried a new pattern. It's the baby Barley from Tin Can Knits. It was a great way to use up some leftover yarn. I've not blocked these yet.
  • The pink is left over from some hats I made last fall for Operation Shoebox from Samaritan's Purse.

  • I bought this yarn when I visited a yarn shop in a nearby city with my friend Laura.

  • This little hat is made with some yarn left over from making my husband's Christmas hat last year.

  • Now I'm trying to knit a pair of socks that fit me. I have made Christmas stockings, Fuzzy Feet, and a pair of socks that turned out too big. There's some math involved here. Fortunately, my friend Jill is going to help me figure it out. 

  • I think that this toe shape may be wrong for me.

  • I'm considering ripping it all out and trying the rounder toe below.

  • I've found The Help to be very interesting.

  • A little blogging to say hello just below bed. 

Thanks so much for your patience, y'all. You've all been so good to be patient with me while I'm having computer problems. I hope you each have a wonderful weekend.

Be blessed,
Happy in my new home


  1. I am so glad you are in your new home. IF you have wi-fi in your home you can buy a booster (which is what we had to do) and the internet should reach your sunroom. I read The Help years ago. I liked it- a couple of my friends did not like it at all.

    As far as the sock goes- I don't know nuthin'bout'nuthin'when it comes to that! lol Have a blessed weekend- xoDiana

  2. Per 'The Help', my late MIL was raised by a black maid. That woman was essentially her mother since her Mom was a socialite and was rarely home. All the way up until her death she would tear up when she talked about her. My MIL, her Mom and sister and their maid spent all summer at a hotel at Myrtle Beach, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, every summer. The first year that segregation came to the South they stopped for lunch on their way to the beach and their maid was not allowed inside the cafe where they always stopped. That was a hard thing for my MIL until the day she died. I am convinced that she could have easily been the young woman who wrote the book. She saw through the conventions and traditions of the South at that time. Her father was the only doctor for 50 miles in any direction and ruled the small town they lived in and everything at home. He dictated that fresh cooked fried chicken be on the table for every meal 365 days a year. Also a plate of fresh sliced lemons. I have hoped that he allowed all that leftover chicken to be shared with those in need instead of thrown out after every meal. When my MIL got married she did not know one thing about running a home but she learned out of necessity. The movie is really good too when you finish the book. I have You is kind, You is smart, You is Important painted on our grandchildren's room here in honor of my MIL.

  3. So glad to hear everything is going well in your new home. :-) It does take some time to get settled in. All your hand made pieces are just lovely! My youngest enjoys crocheting, she actually taught herself by watching YouTube videos. Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. Wishing you every success with your sock knitting. It is something that I have wanted to do for awhile but never get around to.

  5. You have so much patience to make socks,smiles. Been keeping you in prayer.

  6. Oh the computer does! Been there. Done that. Don't you just love technology? Anyway,have fun with your knitting. I may go back to teaching myself to knit again. I'm a crocheted and oh how relaxing it is. Have a blessed weekend!

  7. Nice hearing from you Laura. Have a nice week-end.

  8. Math and socks.... no thank you. LOL I feel the same way about quilting; when there are too many math blocks, I pass!

  9. I'm catching up with what you've been up to since I've been MIA with our move. Hoping you are loving your new home.

  10. So happy to see your post today, sweet friend, and thankful to know all is well in your world!

  11. That's one craft I have never done well - knitting !! but yours looks just beautiful :) So glad your enjoying your new home Laura. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  12. You’ve been missed, I’ve been wondering how you all have been settling in.


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