Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Chatty Little Hello

Hello everyone.

 It's been a really nice week here at the new Harvest Lane Cottage. I've been working on those socks that I started last week. I actually pulled out the stitches and started again, because I have wide feet. I could tell it was not going to fit over my toes. I've spent a little time knitting this week. I think the new, rounded shape of the new sock toe will work better for me. I like to sit on this sofa when I knit.

 I finished a couple of books this week. I usually have six to eight going at once. I am down to four in progress. I think I will finish my list this summer if I can stay focused.

I've also spent some time at the old house cleaning. It looks like I had cancer and didn't give it a good cleaning for two years! Oh yeah, that's what happened. It's taking me awhile., but I hope to finish my part this week with my daughter's help.I'm probably about two-thirds of the way through.

 My daughter's gardening efforts are beginning to pay off. We have eaten several cucumbers out of the garden, and she made some delicious fermented pickles that we have enjoyed as well. She found a video on YouTube from the blog Farmhouse on Boone.

  Time to get ready for church. Have a relaxing evening.

Do say hello. I read every comment. Be blessed!

Making a Home


  1. We have a new craft group some ladies from church started that's has knitters and crocheters. I just finished some baby hats that I may get brave and post a picture of.
    Your couch looks so cozy!

  2. Your new home looks so lovely! So glad you're doing what you love...

  3. What lovely floors you have, smiles...I love wood floors. That pillow on the couch says it all, smiles.

  4. Your living room looks cozy and comfortable..very pretty.. blessings to you..Sharon D.

  5. Hello Lovely Friend!!
    Your new home looks lovely!
    I can just see you cozy as can be on that beautiful couch!
    Aways happy to visit you here.

  6. Your home looks inviting.

  7. I like what I see of your home! Are you selling your old house?

  8. Hi Laura, it was lovely to see a picture of your new spot you like to sit in your new home :). That's so funny that you mention fermented pickles !! I too love Farmhouse on boone and have just been putting together the various things (glass weights etc) for when Spring gardening comes around again so I can grow Jalapenos and make some of those pickles. It's so good to hear they were delicious :) and what a blessing to have your daughter help with the cleaning too. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  9. That sofa looks so very comfy! Glad the garden is producing. Always tastes best from one's own garden. Hoping for a garden for us next year in pots.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      My Amy planted several things in pots this year before we moved. Some she put in the ground, and some she left in pots. I'm thinking about trying to plant some things for fall.


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