Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer is Flying By So Quickly!

  Summer is flying by so quickly this year. I don't have as much control over summer's end as I have in years past. Why? Because my youngest, soon to be 18 year old daughter, Amy, is going to take a class at the local community college this year. Wow! Where has the time gone? It seems like I was just making my first tentative steps toward homeschooling. I must write about that sometime soon.
Now, though, it's nearly twenty-five years later, and I'm going to begin my last year with my last child. No, she's not a child anymore. She's a young adult like my other three. 

A few years ago, the girls painted my finger nails and toenails for the Fourth of July.

  School begins August 19th, so for all practical purposes, summer time will be at an end. The weather may not know it, and the calendar won't know it, but the school buses will be rolling, the backpacks will be filled, and the kids will head back to school. It's an odd thing to be 18 your first day of school I'm sure. ~smile~

I cannot remember which of the kids made this out of bean pods a few years ago.
It was most likely Amy. She's my crafty little artist.

  We still have a few more weeks. I need to employ them well. I still have boxes to unpack, and I need to make a final decision about whether to have a yard sale or just give it all away. Sales are so much work, and I don't have the help I used to have. Amy has a couple of trips she's still going to take to visit friends and relatives. I'm going to see my friend Laura in St. Louis. We've been friends since our young adults were very young children. Her youngest is 18, too.

I love it that my children are patriotic. We love our flag, our country, and our God.
But, not in that order! We understand the principles our country was founded on.
Our three youngest have been active in the political process and have had
some great experiences. God bless our President and God bless America.
  It's hard to make the transition from mommy of littles to mom of middles to mother of young adults. I didn't think I was an adult until I had my first child at 25! Mine decided they were adults considerably younger. ~smile~ I'm proud of them all. I just feel like I'm trying to finish well with Amy and also redefine who I am as their mom, as my husband's wife, as a breast cancer survivor, and as me. Laura, child of the Most High God. Interestingly, I'm listening to the song "I Am Who You Say I Am" by Hillsong. God will lead me as I listen and follow. He's a good good Father.

  Well, this post took a different direction than I expected, I still have several things on my Summer Bucket List that I want to do. Will I get them all done? I don't know, but I will just go by the calendar and give myself until September 22nd. Then, it's on to the most wonderful season of all—Autumn!

  Blessings to you all. 

I am who He says I am.


  1. It has to be daunting to know this is the last child to school. But stand back and look at the adults they have become and be proud.
    I didn't have children - but I am not sure when I feel like I became an adult. There were many steps and mis-steps along the way.

    God bless.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I get that. We actually thought we'd be one child parents. If we'd done it that way, we would have had an empty nest for many years now. Glad God put some more birdies in our nest.

      Oh, and we've had so many mis-steps and start overs through the years, I couldn't count them. Glad God pulled us through them all.

      May God bless you and keep you.


  2. Hi Laura;
    It is nice hearing from you. Hope you get to finish and accomplish your bucket list. have a nice week-end.

    1. Hi Marion,
      Thanks for sticking with me through all of the stuff I've been through the last couple of years. Hopefully, all will work out and I'll be able to write more.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hello Laura, it was so good to hear from you! Our grandson will be starting 2nd grade this year! I am staying in springfield through my son in laws cancer radiation and chemo. He is week 4 of a 6 week plan and he is getting very tired and nauseous. His cancer is in his esophagus and stomach so swallowing has been extremely painful. We are hoping they will do the surgery to remove half of his esophagus and half of his stomach after his treatments and a rest period of 4-6 weeks. Please keep him in your prayers. You know so well what cancer treatments can do! ~jackie

    1. Hi! Second grade! Wow. That's such a cute age. I didn't have the same kind of cancer, but the chemo gave me terrible mouth sores. Finally, they prescribed something called Magic Mouthwash that had Lidocaine in it. It numbed the pain somewhat. Perhaps he could ask about that if he hasn't tried it. May I know his name please?

      Father God, nothing is too hard for you. NO THING! We trust you in this and have faith for this man's healing. I ask you to help him through all the chemo and radiation problems that come from treatment as well as heal him. Please wrap him in your love and fill him with faith for this fight. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

      I fought with faith, praise, worship, and immersion in God's Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Encourage him to listen to the Word being read aloud, sermons, hymns, and spiritual songs. Speak life! Remember my words? "I will live and not die and declare the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living." It's from Psalm 118.

      Blessings to you dearie,

  4. I like how you signed off. Thanks for this, mom. Love you.

  5. Life happens so quickly, doesn't it? I hope you have a great school year!

    1. Yes it does, Penny. Remember how summertime used to last forever when
      we were little ourselves?

  6. Every year seems to go by more and more quickly. Our college students are starting to stream back in for the new school year and the public schools will not be far behind. I'm so looking forward to the cooler weather and Fall. It is my favorite time of the year too!

  7. It's amazing how quickly they grow up isn't it? My oldest turned 18 in May and is headed off to college next Thursday! That will be a tough day for sure! My youngest is going into 8th grade and all the while I don't feel old enough for them to be that old, lol. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  8. Indeed where is the summer and the year going? Oh my! You have done a wonderful job of raising your kids and that is not always an easy thing in today's world! Much love and blessings friend!


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