Tuesday, October 15, 2019

My Fall Bucket List 2019

Harvest Lane Cottage
 Fall Bucket List

Happy Fall everyone! 
It's beginning to look and feel like fall around here. Finally! We've had a few very chilly nights. The red maples are just beginning to show their first blush of red at the tops. I'm a bit late in posting my bucket list for this fall. I've actually already done a few of these things. I still added them to the list, because y'all might want to do some of them. I'll put items I've completed in italics. I'd love to hear what is on your bucket list for fall. Here's my list for 2019.
  • Make my fall bucket list
  • Make Christmas book reading list
  • Get updated addresses for my Christmas card list
  • Make apple crisp
  • Enjoy candy pumpkins
  • Make apple butter—My dad gave me some!
  • Knit wool socks for my husband ~ I'm working on it!
  • Roast marshmallows around the fire.
  • Enjoy the new fire pit my adult sons built.
  • Curl up with a terrific book.
  • Read a wonderful Christmas book 
  • Take a drive to look at fall foliage 
  • Eat pumpkin pie
  • Try a new pumpkin drink recipe
  • Sip hot apple cider
  • Finish Emily's quilt.
  • Drink eggnog
  • Worship God under the stars
  • Eat chili
  • Maple Leaf Festival
  • Try a new soup ~ Lowell's Chicken Stew
  • Make pumpkin cut out cookies
  • Invite friends for chili
  • Invite neighbors for a pie night
  • Invite a neighbor for tea
  • Collect leaves and seed pods to decorate
  • Take a walk and enjoy the maple leaves
  • Make jalapeno jam
  • Make homemade cocoa
  • Bake pumpkin bread ~ my friend Joyce brought me some!
  • Bake cookies
  • Make a Christmas gift—My brother-in-law's hat is done.
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Read more Christmas books
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Burn cinnamony, pumpkiny, spicy fall candles
  • Read by candlelight and lamplight
  • Read Little House in the Big Woods with hubby
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with family at home
  • Decorate our Christmas tree on the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving
Alright, now you know some of the things I hope to do over the next month and a half of fall. What's on your list? 


  1. What a wonderful list. I wish mine was as friendly as yours. Mine is all about getting things done. I think I need to add some more fun!

    1. Yes! Do add some fun things. I have things to get done, too.

  2. Replies
    1. 🌷 Thank you Cheryl. What are you planning to do?

  3. WOW awesome list! Several of the things on your list are on mine too and you've inspired me to write an "ACTUAL" list. Have a GREAT week.

  4. I love your lists! We plan to buy all the Christmas gifts for our oldest son's family so they can take them home when they come for Thanksgiving. We also have 10 days planned away at our house at the lake which we are really looking forward to before the holiday rush starts. We have just finished applesauce canning and 7 bags of apple slices frozen for pies or crisps. I want to make pumpkin bread too! Last year I never got to that and I love it!

    1. If I could, I'd do all my shopping before November 11th! I don't know what I'll feel up to doing after surgery!
      Sounds like you've got some great plans. Pumpkin bread sounds mighty good. It's cold here!

  5. What a fun list! Right this minute my favorite is "eat candy corn" haha!

    1. Oh, I don't even have any candy corn yet Connie! Have you ever eaten it with peanuts? Love the salty and sweet!

  6. Nice list Laura. I have decorated for Fall and Halloween. Brought many pumpkin foods. Have eaten a few ,working on the list. Purchased a pumpkin. Wearing Autimn and Halloween clothes. Reading Christmas books and seasonal ones too. Watching Fall and Halloween shows and movies. Will start watching Hallmark Christmas shows and videos and DVDs of older Christmas movies.

    1. Hello Marion,
      I finally bought a pumpkin. It's a pie pumpkin with a long stem. I'm going to check with my kids (18-28) and see if they want to carve pumpkins together.

      I tried a pumpkin smoothie the other day but didn't care for it. A friend gave me a recipe for a pumpkin latte that is sugar free. I will probably try it out soon.
      I've worn some warmer clothes, but I don't have anything for Halloween.

      I've been reading Christmas books for a couple months now. I've watched a couple of Christmas movies, but I won't start in earnest for a few more weeks.

      Thanks so much for writing!
      If you send me a message on my sidebar and give me your email address, I'll try to write back directly as often as I can.

      Have a great month,

  7. I enjoyed reading your list! You have shared some great ideas. I made pepper jam for the first time this fall. We had a bumper crop of peppers, literally bushels of peppers! I ended up making four batches of pepper jam. It makes a nice gift and it was a great way to use up the peppers. : )May you have a blessed day!


    1. I really need to get to those peppers. I had my daughter freeze some since I couldn't get to them. Have you ever made jelly or jam from frozen peppers? I'm not sure what it will do to the texture. The peppers were so hot we couldn't eat them!  Be blessed friend. I feel blessed every time I wear the apron you made for me.

  8. What a great list! I was glad you updated fb..I found you again. I have not been blogging alot and missed everyone. I am back and rarin' to go! I'll be back over soon! Come over to My Journey Back to visit!

    1. Hi Lynn,

      My brain is telling me that is not your correct name. 🙂

      I am glad you found me again. Every once in awhile I think of a blog that I have not read for a while. I realize that you and I have lost contact. I will come and visit you soon. Happy fall, Laura

  9. What a great bucket list! I mostly would like to finish cleaning up my little garden and get two of my wandering jew plants to get roots in their little jars of water. One is cooperating but two are being stubborn. I also want to finish painting the hall upstairs and trim in the bathroom. Hoping also for a thanksgiving meal of turkey and the trimmings!

    1. Sounds like an ambitious list to me. Don't forget some happy fun time with Jack!

  10. What a list! I tend to overwhelm myself with lists but I can see by yours that it can really help you live in the present moment and enjoy all God's blessings. I'm happy to share a few of those with you friend!

    1. Hey there Rachel! It's so good to hear from you. Thanks for taking time to write back. I do the same thing with to do lists, but these are mostly life enrichment type things. The list helps me remember not to spend too much time on my regular to do list!
      Thank you for considering me your friend. It's an honor. Send me a note directly from my sidebar, and I'll respond to you directly.
      God bless you!
      Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  11. This is so great, Laura! I've had this post tapped up on my computer since you posted it. I'm very inspired to make a list too. Part of me feels like I'll make one and not be able to accomplish any of it and then be disappointed lol. But I'm going to give it a go!

    I'd love to hear more about your fall and Christmas reading list!

    God bless you :-)

    1. Hi Kelly Lynn,

      I know what you mean about not being able to accomplish things on the list. Most of the things that I put on the list are for fun. It seems like I'm always so busy with the work of life. Strange, my kids are grown, but there's still so much to do around the house. It is fun to have a little time to meet a friend at the coffee shop though.

      Please make a list. Even the summer that I was doing chemotherapy I made a list. I did it so that I would focus on some happy things and not just on how I was feeling. It gave me a goal. Just Revel in the things that you can do.

      I am honored that you wanted to keep the list up for so long. Please do make a list of your own so that you can enjoy the things you like best.

      God bless you, Laura

  12. May I make your list my own? I haven't read Little House in the Big Woods since I did 30 years ago. It would, indeed, be a cozy read for this time of year. Do you knit with washable wool for your socks? I try and knit my cotton ones extra long because when they shrink a bit - it shortens them in the toe.

    1. Dear Karen,

      Do take the list as your own, and enjoy as much as you can on it. I am having breast surgery again in a couple weeks. I want to do as much as I can before then.

      I hope you get to spend some time with your grand Littles. There are so many fun things you can do with kids in the fall. Take care my friend. Laura

    2. I do knit with washable wool. I joined a knitting club on Tuesday nights. I have been very blessed because the ladies have given me a lot of yarn. They all have big stashes of yarn, and they know that I don't have extra money to buy yarn.

      Because of all of these wooly blessings, I have not purchased yarn in a long time.

      What kind of cotton yarn do you use to make socks with?


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