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113 Things to Do With Kids Without Electronics

113 Things to Do With Kids Without Electronics
by Laura Lane
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Are you running out of ideas to keep the kids busy and happy while they are home? I thought about some of the things we did when I was young long ago. I also included some of the things my four kids did with an abundance of time, no video games or tv, and limited videos. My daughters, Emily and Amy, then added their ideas as well. All in all, we came up with 113 things to do without electronics!
Here we go!
  1. Blow bubbles 
  2. Catch fireflies 
  3. Make homemade ice cream 
  4. Read a book together
  5. Play in the sprinkler 
  6. Ride bikes  
  7. Play with balls
  8. Play dolls
  9. Kickball
  10. Play with cars and trucks
  11. Learn to play jacks or marbles 
  12. Have a pillow fight
  13. Water balloons
  14. Science experiments ie. cola and Mentos
  15. Picnic under the stars, under a shady tree or under the kitchen table with sheets over it
  16. Sidewalk chalk
  17. Whittle sticks
  18. Playing outside
  19. Dig in the dirt
  20. Play in a sandbox
  21. King of the hill or play set
  22. Jump roap
  23. Play in a creek
  24. Build a fort with sticks or blankets
  25. Find the thimble
  26. Skits
  27. Exploring
  28. Trampoline
  29. Roll down a hill
  30. Play catch
  31. Wiffle ball
  32. Badminton
  33. Volleyball
  34. Hopscotch
  35. Obstacle course
  36. Climb trees
  37. Garden
  38. Look for 4 leaf clovers
  39. Mow the lawn
  40. Cook together
  41. Blow leaves
  42. Pick wildflowers
  43. Write snail mail letters
  44. Make homemade jam
  45. Pick blueberries
  46. Make slime 
  47. Bake cookies
  48. Go to a drive in
  49. Make ice pops with water, juice, yogurt or pudding
  50. Sing
  51. Dance
  52. Teach your dog tricks
  53. Karaoke
  54. Dance party
  55. Write a letter to the grandparents by snail mail
  56. Play in a home pool big or small
  57. Fashion show
  58. Overnight hammocking challenge
  59. Make a play
  60. Reenact a movie
  61. Wash the dog or pet
  62. Write and perform poetry
  63. Read a play together with parts
  64. Weirdness contest
  65. Staring contest
  66. Walk
  67. Run
  68. Puzzles
  69. Slap jack
  70. Race hotwheels
  71. Race bikes
  72. Sing lots of rhymes and kids' songs
  73. Egyptian Rat Slap
  74. Spoons game
  75. War card game
  76. Go Fish card game
  77. Board games like Monopoly, Battle Ship, Chutes and Ladders etc
  78. Paint a room
  79. Reading Marathon
  80. Manicures and pedicures
  81. Dress up
  82. Makeover
  83. Private concert for the stuffies (stuffed animals)
  84. Bake cookies
  85. Blind taste tests
  86. Lemonade stand
  87. Gymnastics— somersaults, cartwheels, etc.
  88. String games
  89. Clapping games
  90. Magic tricks
  91. Scavenger hunt
  92. Ice cream run (in pajamas one night 
  93. Flash mob with just your family 
  94. Volunteer
  95. Make daisy chains
  96. Play house (this includes plant soup)
  97. Climb a tree
  98. Eat dandelions
  99. Get ahead on school
  100. Field trip!
  101. Ride a bike
  102. Crafts
  103. Wash the car
  104. Write stories
  105. Swing!
  106. Adopt a kitten
  107. Take pictures
  108. Draw pictures
  109. Play the game "Twister"
  110. Play hide and go seek
  111. Eat popsicles (and try to get them open without scissors)
  112. Sleep all night on a trampoline
  113. Coloring
Amy, 18, added this.
And above all, give your kids freedom in their play. A lot of amazing childhood memories are made by kids using their imaginations and parents being loving and being supportive! Have fun with your kids, but let them also go and act like pioneers together, or build a fort with random things they find. This builds so much character, forms those memories (and isn't that what we want to do for our kids? Help them create wonderful memories?), and teaches them lots of good lessons. To learn, and be healthy, kids need to do things by themselves (and this can be with help). In doing so, they learn, and also learn independence, knowledge, and ultimately maturity, and sometimes wisdom (even from learning a hard way at times).

Enjoy this time with your children and teens. You may never have this much time together again. Make it count for good. Hugs to you all! Thank you for joining me here at Harvest Lane Cottage.

Happy at Home

P.S. Please share ideas that I've missed and your prayer requests as well.

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  1. Those are great ideas! I was thinking also:
    Bake bread
    Make individual pies
    Make welcome signs for guests
    Visi favorite craft stores
    If gas prices are good do a progressive lunch or dinner. Go to one restaurant for drinks, the next for main meal and the next for dessert. Okay so maybe that one is a bit out there but it does sound a bit like fun though.😁

    1. Oh Regina, those are some great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them.Hugs, Laura

  2. I think I did most of those as a youngster. Maybe not slime - as I don't think that was a thing back then!! LOL
    We always had fun and never got bored.

    1. Ah Cheryl, now you know where I found my inspiration! Memories!Hugs,Laura

  3. Laura,
    As I read through the list, I was happy to see that my 7 yr old grandson has done many of the things on the list. I'm not sure I saw basketball on the list. He loves to shoot baskets. Even if you don't have an outdoor hoop, a Nerf indoor hoop provides lots of fun too. My grandson wants to work in a zoo when he grows up so he loves animals and like to build animal shelters in my yard which is nothing more than piling sticks, leaves and grass which he thinks provides a safe spot for small animals to hide. He also likes to do extra chores to earn spending money so today he brought his work gloves with him so he could do whatever chores we might have for him. He does love his screen time but it is limited. Thanks for the great list of ideas!

    1. That's wonderful to hear! I didn't think of basketball. Probably because we didn't have a goal and basketball when I grew up. I love the ideas your grandson has. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Great list! Yes! These grandparents love to get letters and drawings in the mail! They decorate our refrigerator for months!

    1. I'll bet so, Lana. I know a little girl drew a picture for me and it was up for weeks.\Hugs,Laura

  5. I think you all pretty well covered everything I did as a child in the 1960s. I didn't see flying a kite there, though. Also playing with (and in) large boxes (making doll houses, cars, forts, play houses, etc.) My favorite things to do were climbing trees, making tree houses, digging in the backyard pretending to be an archaeologist, sewing (both doll clothes and my clothes), and reading books on an old quilt outside under a shade tree.

    1. Oh yes, Frances! I did those things and loved them. I wanted to dig to China. I once found a Hong Kong dollar several inches down. I think the old man across the street planted it there for me to find!

  6. Replies
    1. I'm thinking about asking my husband or some of my adult kids to do some of them with me!

  7. This is a great list- and the last- unstructured play is so important for kids! I am having the continual battle with one of my kids and it is aggravating to say the least.

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles Kathie. Father God, I pray that you will give Kathie guidance that is particular to this child, that you will reach the child's heart and Kathie's that they may reconcile and peace can be restored, and that the child can grow in wisdom and in statue and that this family will love you with all their hearts minds souls and strength. In Jesus' name. Amen.Hugs to you Kathie. Thank you for writing to me.Laura


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