Saturday, January 16, 2021

Weekend Reading ~ January 16, 2021

Hello ladies,

 It's so cold here in Southern Missouri. We have a light snow on the ground, and everything is so pretty. It fell all day yesterday, but the ground was warm, and it melted on the streets. My computer is near the window, and I feel the cold seeping through. Ah, the joys of old houses. ~smile~ This is my cat Tiger.
He looks so very content cuddled up like that. I think that's what I'd like to be doing... with a cup of hazelnut cappucino from my Keurig and something to read or knit.

 If you want to relax and read for awhile, you may find a book on my winter reading list or something intersting in this weekend reading list. I do hope you have a calm weekend and find a way to destress from the crazy situation we're in here in the United States. Keep calm and keep praying. No matter what happens, we need to completely cover the country with prayer. It's going to take a long time for healing to happen regardless of the outcome.

 Thank you to all of my out of the states readers who pray for me and for our country. God bless you and your country wherever you are. May freedom, truth, and justice prevail.
 So here are some things you might enjoy this weekend.

And a recommended short video....

 Sending you a warm hug for your winter day. Here are some things right here at The Cottage that might help you feel more cozy.
 Keep Calm and Keep Praying


  1. Thank you for the mention. I did just what Tiger is doing a bit ago - curled up under the covers for a nice nap on this snowy day. Some days just dictate a nap! Blessings all.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I think I'm going to take a short nap in a few minutes. I need to recharge for the rest of the day! I'd love to have your email address. You can reach me at:

  2. Thank you for the mention Laura :) I know all about old houses, ours was built in 1880 !!! Over the years we've worked hard to insulate it top and bottom and all around etc we feel all tucked in. I don't think we'll ever quite stretch to double glazing, but one can dream :) I think your cat Tiger is just beautiful. I miss our cat Muffin still to this day. Cat's bring such peace to a home. Blessings to you dear Laura ~ Linda

    1. My, your house is an antique. I'm sure it's charming. Cats can certainly purr their way into one's heart. Tiger is a very calm cat. He loves to relax and be held. That's new for me. The cats I've had before have been a little ornery!

  3. It is so nice for you to have snow! That is exciting! I hope you are enjoying it... we have had a very mild winter here and not much snow. Your reading list sounds lovely, and I am currently listening to Lydia share her thoughts, I've enjoyed her sharing before. Thank you for sharing those links. I trust that you are doing well dear friend! Much love to you :)

    1. Oh, are you talking of Lydia Sherman? I listen to her almost every day. She helps me get motivated in the morning. Sometimes I feel like foregoing make-up, but she makes me rethink it most days. ~smile~ Post surgery doesn't count, does it? I do enjoy hearing from you. I hope you have a beautiful day.Laura


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