Sunday, October 31, 2021



 Happy Fall Dear Reader! 

  It's beginning to look and feel like fall around here. Finally! We've had a few very chilly nights. A few of the maples are showing their first blush of red at the tops.

  If you've been around for a bit, you know that I'm running quite  late with sharing my Fall Bucket List. I had surgery a couple of weeks ago. I'm healing now and ready to make my plans!

 I've actually already done a few of these things. I still added them to the list, because y'all might want to do some of them. I'll put items I've completed in bold print. Then I'll come back and update regularly so that you can see my progress. 

 I'd love to hear what is on your bucket list for fall. Please share a list or a link to your list in the comments below. Is there anything I've forgotten that you consider a must do? Let's talk and be friends. 

Here's my bucket list for 2021.

  • Make my fall bucket list
  • Make my fall reading list
  • Decorate for fall I decided to decorate minimally, but I really like it for this fall.
  • Get updated addresses for my Christmas card list
  • Enjoy candy pumpkins
  • Knit wool socks for undisclosed recipients. Two pairs  done.
  • Go to a bonfire
  • Roast marshmallows around the fire 
  • Enjoy the fire pit my adult sons built for us
  • Curl up with a terrific book.  I listened  to The Christmas Pearl Benton Frank while knitting and working about the cottage. I listened on Scribd. 
  • Read a wonderful Christmas book 
  • Take a drive to look at fall foliage 
  • Try a new pumpkin recipe ~ low carb, sugar free pumpkin muffins. Too crumbly
  • Try a new pumpkin drink recipe ~ Oh! I made one up that I like! I'll share it soon.
  • Sip apple cider
  • Enjoy a fall candle McCalls' Grandmother's Kitchen
  • Quilt Emily's quilt by hand
  • Drink eggnog
  • Worship God under the stars
  • Eat homemade chili
  • Maple Leaf Festival
  • Try a new soup  
  • Invite friends for a pie 
  • Invite a friend for tea
  • Invite friends for a soup supper
  • Collect pinecones, leaves and seed pods to decorate
  • Take a walk and enjoy the maple leaves
  • Make homemade cocoa
  • Bake pumpkin muffins
  • Bake cookies
  • Make a pecan pie
  • Make Christmas gifts ~ Working on it!
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Read Christmas books 
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Burn cinnamony, pumpkiny, spicy fall candles
  • Read by candlelight and lamplight
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with family at home
  • Decorate our Christmas tree on the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving

Alright, now you know some of the things I hope to do over the next month and a half of fall. 

What's on your list? I'd really like to know.

Be blessed!

Focusing on the Lord through it all

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  1. HAPPY FALL, LAURA! What a great list!!! I know that you'll enjoy checking each and every one of those lovely items off! I'm working on checking mine off. Here's a link to my list: Blessings, my friend! <3

    1. I'll go check your list out in a few minutes. Have you tried earth milk from THM cookbook? I'm sipping it now. Yum.

    2. I have not. I'll have to look it up! Thanks! <3

  2. I found and read this past weekend "The Birds Christmas Carol," a charming Christmas book c. 1888 or 89(?) can't remember for sure. Also, this weekend we are hosting an apple cidering - am looking forward to that.

  3. I love your lists! High on our list was getting some work finished up here so that we could get away for a week to our (shared) house at the lake. We just came back today and had a glorious time. We have a new grandson due in January so we have two baby showers to go to in the next few weeks. I want to just slow down and enjoy the season. I find that so hard to do!

  4. You are such an inspiration to me, Laura! I am new to your blog, and sure am enjoying reading it this morning. What a coincidence, that just yesterday I told myself "It is time to get back to making those lists, and getting things done".
    Now I read over your list and I love how you also have included time for relaxation, and enjoyment. HAPPY FALL and GOD BLESS

  5. I don't think I have ever put a list together for fall, so Thank You for inspiring me to do so. I ran across your blog from another blogger and wanted to say I truly enjoyed it. Have a blessed day!


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