Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's So Hard to Share!

You'd think I'd learned to share as a child; but, sometimes it's still hard!

My son, Matthew, has been home on a break from school for the last couple of weeks. He leaves Sunday. He's been working on a farm this week. The lady he worked for called and said he was the best worker they'd had. She said he was a joy to have around. It was good for him to work. He had been getting a little bored. Everyone can use a little green in their pocket, too.

Now, just a couple of days before he has to leave, he is going to visit a friend until Saturday morning. I didn't want him to go; but, I have to share. He's 19 not 10. This business of letting our kids grow up isn't always fun. I'll get him back Saturday morning so that we can celebrate his Grandma Judy's 70th birthday. Since I didn't fuss about him going, does that mean I'm learning to be nice and share?


Still learning to be Momma to a Bird who has left my nest.

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  1. Roots and wings, you should be proud you raised such a joyful man. It's his turn now, he will come back even better! Hugs!


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