Saturday, July 30, 2011

Joplin Tornado Relief Update...Help Still Needed

Hello everyone,
My husband is working with Joplin Family Worship Center's Relief Center.  This is a long term recovery relief center that is expected to be in operation for at least three years to help Joplin rebuild from the May 22nd tornado.  Here is some information he has compiled regarding the church's relief efforts.
"We have received donations from 32 states and over 100 tractor trailer loads which has enabled us to bless more than 3000 families and over 10,000 people with food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothing, furniture and appliances, and water.
We serve 3 meals a day and average 600 meals a day totaling over 30,000 meals.  50 meals a day are take out lunches for another ministry and 150 are for our evening meals on wheels route covering a 16 block area.
We  have hosted over 5200 volunteers in our facility from more than 30 states.  Volunteers work on-site and in the destruction zone.  The volunteer crews have enabled us to complete over 345 jobs from families who's home was affected.  We have over 45 jobs currently needing volunteer crews and building supplies to complete the jobs.  We average 5-10 new job requests per day. 
As you can see the need is great and our job is just starting.  We are committed to helping Joplin families be restored, renewed, and to rebuild.
On May 22, 2011 over 8000 structures were either damaged or lost, 500 businesses were destroyed, 5000 jobs lost, 150 + lives lost, 30% of Joplin's structures were lost.  It is our Pastor's heart that not one family falls through the cracks.  And it is with that motivation that we endeavor we help families rebuild their lives and homes."
If you'd like to help with the relief effort, you can go to the Joplin Family Worship Center website at .
Thank you for your prayers for Joplin!
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  1. My prayers for Joplin continue. You are doing some amazing things in order to help many. God's blessings to all. Anne


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