Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pineapple Iced Tea and Favorite Summertime Recipes

Hi Y'all!

Doesn't this Pineapple Tea look refreshing!  It's been so hot here, cool drinks are a must.  I'll be adding pineapple juice to my grocery list. ~smile~
Photo from Taste of Home.  Click on link below for recipe.

How about a list of some of my favorite summertime recipes all in one place?  Yes, the snow icecream really is a summer recipe!


Praying for Rain and Cooler Weather


  1. Nice summer post! Did you get some rain yesterday? It was nice to have a average July day, sadly, it's over already! :(

  2. Looks wonderful! Will be adding pineapple juice to my list too!

  3. 7 tea bags seems like a lot for 5 cups of water/juice. Try this as an alternative, boil some water in the microwave, (don't have to measure) add 1 cup sugar and stir to dissolve. Then add 6 plain tea bags and 2 of your favorite, like peach, raspberry, whatever. Let it sit covered overnight or for a few hours, then add that to a one gallon pitcher and fill up to the one gallon mark.

    We are not that hot here, the weather is perfect, our "highs" are your "lows"....gotta love Montana in July......

  4. Hi Laura. I'm stopping by to say thank you for visiting me :) and to GFC you! These recipes sound wonderful. We will be trying a few, I think.

    Fellow Crew Member
    Mona Lisa

  5. Hi!

    Stopping by from the TOS Crew to visit and follow.

    Some of your summer recipes sound good. I will have to look them over.



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