Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #36

Amy Lane Photography 2015
You know, sometimes a thrifty week isn't about the great sales you got or all the things you did. Sometimes a thrifty week is about what you didn't do. These are some of the things I didn't do this week.

I didn't...
buy a new Easter dress, shoes, and accessories...
buy new clothes for my husband or children...
go out to lunch with friends after Good Friday service...
fill Easter baskets (always from Momma and Papa not a bunny, they do get Peeps though)...
plan an elaborate meal for Easter dinner.

What I am doing...
Easter dinner
 Riblets (a gift from my father)
 Baked potatoes ($1.29 for 5 lbs on sale)
 Asparagus ($1.98 for 2 lbs on sale)
 Butter bought on sale for $1.89 a pound
 Dessert will be leftovers from the cafe.
 Sour cream and BBQ sauce are the big splurge. I just sent my daughter to buy it while I'm writing this.

 All things we have on hand. I did send my daughter to Wal-Mart with a $15 budget to buy some dress shoes. She has only tennis shoes and flip-flops. If they cost more, she has to pay the difference from money she has saved.

So you see, it doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars to enjoy Easter. One new thing we did this year is attend a walk through Easter program at a local church. It was magnificent.

The girls decorated our home with flowers from the yard in their lovely spring colors of pink, white, purple, and yellow.

So, if you're feeling down about what you cannot do because of budget constraints, look around. What do you have at hand? What can you do with it? My Easter won't look traditional this year, but hey, who's it about anyway?

Bless the Lord! Jesus is risen from the dead. He died for our sins so that we, if we believe and trust in Him, may be made whole, be saved, and be reconciled to Father God. Praise the Lord!

Happy Resurrection Day!
Living the Lifestyle of the Thrifty & Frugal


  1. We don't go all out for Easter, nor do we get new clothes etc. We simply do not have the money. IF and when I do graduate college, pass the state teaching exams and start a job, than we can breathe easier...right now...budget, budget, budget. Ok, to be honest, more like, pinching pennies, dimes, quarters, nickles. But, I am not complaining, the good Lord provides. Blessings and Happy Easter. (Riblets sound good, we are having Ham, bought on sale for 98 cents a lb.)

  2. Laura, Sounds like you and your family will be having a wonderful Easter, and still be able to stay frugal.. Happy for you.
    I too, did not do the new clothes ,and I did not spend a lot on dinner..
    My kids/grandkids will be coming for dinner.[oh how wonderful to get to see them all]. I bought a 1/2 ham on sale. And the side dishes all will be coming from my freezer/pantry.. I made a blueberry/pineapple cake .. and brownies for the chocolate loving grandkids [ha]And these supplies
    all came from my pantry too.
    I feel very blessed to have a well stocked pantry /freezer.God is good.
    Sending prayers for a blessed and wonderful Easter for you and your family. May we remember, what our wonderful Saviour did for us.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to know that you saved money by not spending money! I think your Easter sounds wonderful and very special. I love that you daughters decorated with your own flowers - wish I could do that, but can't, none growing here yet. May the Lord bless your desire to honor Him on this most special day in history. Happy Resurrection Day to you too!

  4. I enjoyed your post, very much.
    Many blessings to you!
    I always need to pinch the spending pennies, and really enjoy seeing how others do it. I always read the comments too, smile!

  5. Glad you and yours had a wonderful holiday!

    No new clothes here either! My mom insisted of making the Easter meal so all I had to do was clean up afterward. I felt bad about it but she wanted to do it by herself this year.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I too had a simple Resurrection Day. I have 5 daughters who all wore dresses that were second-hand. Those and light- colored cardigans looked great. My 3 sons wore their nicest jeans and button-down shirts. We enjoyed a ham purchased on sale. Of course, a meal served on grandma's china can make any meal special! While the children did participate in an egg hunt, Communion and The Jesus movie was the highlight of our week.
    Thanks for your blog. I have been greatly encouraged.

  7. We don't go all out for Easter either. Getting a new dress isn't what Easter is all about. Celebrating the Resurrection and that Jesus is Risen is way more important.

    We went to church, it was a wonderful service. We had some family over for a nice ham and potato salad lunch, visited for a bit and then I helped my hubby plant potatoes and hung outside in the warmth of the sun. It was a perfect day and we didn't spend much money at all to do it!

    Live Simple is my motto!

    I hope you have a wonderful week sweet friend! :)

    Hugs, Amy

  8. I think any day I can stay home is good for the budget.I do that as much as possible.

  9. Good points... we save so much money by staying home... and not feeling deprived. I do not like "window shopping" in any form... including catalogs... as it just increases the wants and decreases the contentment.

  10. I know what you mean, Gentle Joy. I find that Pinterest can be discontenting as well at times.

  11. Hi Mrs. McKinley,
    Simple can be sensational!

  12. It is fun when we can get a new dress though, isn't Amy? Sounds like you had a lovely holiday.

  13. I love this! I think you have your priorities straight! - Karen

  14. Good morning Linda!
    So good to hear from you. Have faith, you will finish and find the right teaching job. What subject/grade do you intend to teach?

    Your ham was an excellent buy. We've been living lean for a few months while we're waiting for business to pick up. Then I can move up to thrifty.

  15. It was a beautiful Easter service. Fun, too. Our pastor's a great preacher.
    I need to check for ham on sale at Aldi.

  16. Happy week Scrappy!

    Hi Spicing,
    It's be best way to save money. The girls used sprigs from our flowering pears tree.

    Bless you, too Annie! Have you seen this post?

    Thanks Karen!

  17. Just enjoy the blessing Anne! You'll just have to invite your mom over for a visit soon.

  18. A wonderful post and a beautiful reminder, my friend. Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it's not about candy, rabbits, or new clothes.

    Thank you, dear one, for gently reminding us of this... And thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  19. I couldn't agree more! Frugal is often being content with what we do have rather than just buying things on sale. Our Holy Days should be spent focusing on Him and not the fancy and fineries out there. Great post! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

  20. There is so much we can do without having to spend anything. I really enjoy your posts as they point to a relationship with God not man and all his trimmings. Thanks for linking up and encouraging us and showing us how to live simply and frugally when we need to. He is risen and we are forgiven and saved, this is what it is all about. Blessings and thanks for linking up at Good Morning Mondays.

  21. I always enjoy your posts! Money doesn't make happiness! I am retired now and an empty nester, but I sure remember the days when I made something special out of whatever I had in the house! Good job ... good mom!

  22. Why thank you, Slice of Pie! Love that name. Just checked out your frugal cooking blog. That chili looks yummy.
    Thanks for talking back!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. A simple life is the best! Blessings come from this type of living that is for sure! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  24. Thank you for encouraging us toward faithful stewardship, and for linking up with us at Grace & Truth! :)


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