Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #37

I didn't buy much, make much, or do much this week. It was a week of alternating cleaning, relaxing, and driving my family from here to there and back here. 4 H season has started. That means a lot of driving for me and fun for the kids. It's only two months. I couldn't keep up this pace all year!

~ Excellent deals at Aldi. These comprised the majority of my grocery shopping for this week. I praise God for the specials. We're praying for blessing for our business.

  • $.59 celery bunch        
  •   .79 broccoli crowns (1 lb)
  •   .79 sweet potatoes (3 lbs)
  •   .69 baby carrots (1 lb)
  •   .99 yellow onions (3 lbs)
  •   .99 green pepper (3)   
  •   .39 cucumbers 
  •   .99 grape tomatoes
~ Yard sale season is open! My first purchase was a stick blender for a dollar. My husband had seen mine and wanted it for the cafe. He was so happy to get this one.

~ A friend brought us dozens of eggs. We've been boiling, scrambling, and frying every morning.

It was spring break, and saving wasn't my focus, though we didn't spend much. No fancy vacations for us. We just needed the break after a very long winter.

Have a great week!
Happy to be with my Family


  1. Good Morning Laura! Yes, indeed, Aldi (we love Aldi!!!) had great deals! AND I bought the same things. The exception being sweet potatoes. How nice to have a neighbor to bring you eggs. I do miss raising chickens and having eggs at our disposal--have a lovely week. Blessings

  2. Loved this post - sometimes we just need to relax and focus on things that are at hand and enjoy each of them. Slow down and smell the roses so to speak. Enjoy your break with your kids !!! PS - also enjoy shopping at Aldis. Since we have moved to the Pacific Northwest we have missed our Aldis. Great food and great prices.

  3. I know I should comment more but I do read your blog every post. I love hearing about your life and the thrifty ways you can live. I secretly long for that even though your life is quite hectic at times. I'm 72 so my life could be a lot calmer than it is. I need to simplify mine. I think that's what I love to read about yours. I love your faith in Jesus.

  4. Hi Laura! It is yard sale season here too, and we love going! Always love the happy little things we find! Great deals at Aldis - we don't have one here, but maybe they will come our way soon! Have another blessed week!

  5. Proud you had a nice spring break week.. Always nice to just enjoy God's wonderful land..
    Great deals at Aldi's.. [wish we had one of those stores..ha]
    Hope you and family are having a blessed Sunday.

  6. I've just recently rediscovered Aldis. I shopped there with my grandma growing up and recently went back into one. I was amazed at the selection of produce not to mention the prices! Have a lovely week!

  7. Thank you, Rebecca!

    Actually, Resourceful Mama, that's the main reason I shop Aldi!

    Hi Judy,
    The breeze through the window is heavenly. Someday....

  8. My kids love it, Spicing. I used to give them a dollar in change, and it was amazing what they could buy. Now they finance their own purchases with money they've earned.
    Thanks for talking back!

  9. Hi Laura, a new Aldi came to our town about 18 months ago. It has made our grocery shopping so much easier and cheaper. And it is just about 2 miles from our house.

    I haven't been to any yard sales yet this year but I will. I'm glad you found yard sale and Aldi bargains.

  10. Celery is $1.49 here, carrots $1.69, broccoli is $2.29, cucumbers .89 each, and so on, it's hard to save like that. i have been wanting a stick blender for awhile now, but no bargains yet. I'm glad you got some!! I known mine will come along at some point, have a great week!

  11. May you find every bargain you need Annie!

  12. Thank you for your encouragement to be frugal if and when we can. Thank you also for sharing this encouragement with us at Good Morning Mondays. I always shop at Aldi, it saves us heaps of money. I only go to the other supermarket for the baking items I can't get at Aldi and I try not to get too much. Aldi also isn't as big and I have a definite course of shopping when I go there, I don't have to go up isles and isles and be tempted to buy other things. Great post Laura. Blessings

  13. Hi Shirley,
    I try to respond to each comment, but I've gotten so behind, I've had to skip on a few this week. I think we all could do a bit of simplifying in our lives. We could all focus more fully on Jesus, too.

    Thanks so much for writing back to me. I truly do appreciate knowing you're reading. Sometimes it can feel like I'm writing to myself. ~smile~

    Be sweet!

    Blessings to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


  14. Wowzers, you found some great deals! I can't ever find English cucumbers for under $1.99!

    Thanks for joining the party and sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Happy hugs!

  15. Happy hugs to you, too, Stephanie!

  16. You got some good deals. Great job!

  17. Ah, yard sales! Is there anything funner? Thank you for sharing your week with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

  18. Not doing or buying things is a great way to passively save. It might not be as interesting to write about though, I'm finding. Ha! Can't wait for garage sales season to start here. My favorite kind of entertainment!


  19. That season is just starting here, Jane. I have hopes of some good deals to clothe the kids!

  20. Laura, you really did get some great deals at the grocers. I was in 4-h when I was young. Such a good program for young girls. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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