Monday, October 5, 2015

My Day Book October 5, 2015

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 My Daybook
October 5, 2015

Outside my window... It's cool. The sky is covered by clouds.  I can hear the morning traffic on the highway... rushing to work or to destinations unknown. It sounds rather heavy this morning. It's punctuated by an occasional bark from my little Penny.

I am thinking... that it's time to get back into a better routine now that Farm Girl Fest 2015 is history. The kids wanted to spend extra time working on things to sell. My son was most successful with sales. It's because he was selling guy stuff.

I am thankful that... God provides. God always takes care of us. He gives us friends to enhance our enjoyment and to share life with.

From the kitchen... I think I may make something from the bananas growing too ripe on the buffet. Perhaps some banana bread or Briana's Banana Bars would be good. I've got to see if I have any oat fiber. I hear the tea kettle in the kitchen. I'll be having a cup of tea in a few minutes.

I am wearing... my nightgown... gasp! But the kids aren't up, and I'm trying to finish before they arise!

I am creating...   Actually, I'll be thinking about what gifts I want create to during my Kringling sessions this Autumn.

I am going... nowhere for now. I'll probably go to the grocery store later today.

I am reading... I am reading The Dance. 

I am hoping... to enjoy the lovely fall weather this week.

I am planning... a  homeschool moms get together next Tuesday evening.

am hearing... I stepped away from the computer to eat breakfast with my husband. I'm now hearing the clink of spoons as my daughters eat their cereal.

Around the house... 

  • I'll be busy tidying up today.  
  • I want to check my Fall tote and see if I can find my fall glasses.
  • See if there are any more fall decorations I want to use or discard.
  • Laundry beckons as it does after every weekend.

One of my favorite things...  planning, anticipating and enjoying Autumn evenings, events, and holiday preparations... especially while listening to Christmas music or watching an old Christmas movie. Yes. In October. And in November. Maybe it's the coziness of it. Or my years working retail when I was young. Or the fact that in another week or two, Precious Moments will start putting up their Christmas decorations and be fully decorated by November 1st. They skip Fall altogether.

From the Board Room...
Follow Laura's board Fall -ing for Autumn on Pinterest.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week... 

  • Church on Wednesday
  • Homeschool Group on Friday
  • I'm going to choose something from my Fall Bucket List to do this week.
My Picture Thought.... 
I'm ready for some of these!

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What are you up to this week?

God bless!
May I suggest?


  1. A beautiful fall Daybook entry! I should check my fall bucket list and plan some things to do!! Have a wonderful week

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your Daybook entry. Feeling like fall here my friend, crisp mornings and cool evenings. Thanks for the smiles...have a Blessed week ahead.

  3. Oh, yes, Linda! Fall's the best!

  4. Speaking of bananas, I scored LOADS of bananas today for 19 cents a pound. The little nearby store was selling over ripe ones. I made 6 loaves of chocolate chip banana bread this afternoon at about 75 cents a loaf. Awesome snacks for the kiddos! Nothing says fall like baking!

  5. Hello Dear Laura, I felt the cozy in your word picture! I have my fall tablecloth on the table and I need to do my mantle with a few things.
    You have inspired me to get in the fall swing...
    I am so glad you love being a homemaker and enjoying all the benefits of it!
    There is no place like home!
    Hugs, Roxy

  6. What a great entry from your daybook. I just love reading them, they are so inspiring. Fall is such a wonderful season. God created such amazing colors for us to enjoy. The cooler weather has arrived and they are actually calling for snow up in the high country.
    I have a busy week. Wednesday my son has guitar lessons in town and then I'm taking dinner to a girlfriend and running some errands, then the following day, I'm going to see my bestie for the day and then Friday, I'll be getting things cooked and baked for our homeschool party on Saturday. I need to clean somewhere in between all the other stuff. So...yep! It's busy here!
    I hope you have a delightful week!
    Hugs to you Laura!

  7. It is Spring in my part of the world and the weather is all over the place as usual. My favourite times of year are autumn and spring, the 'change' seasons. Enjoy your busy week :)


  8. I agree Diana. I enjoy Spring as well. With winter coming in December here, we have Christmas to look forward to at the beginning. Do you have something you look forward to in winter down under?

  9. Amy,
    Sounds like a wonderful week. Enjoy!

  10. You're right Roxie. There is so much busy-ness in our life I hope my girls catch that love. We watched Calamit Jane this weekend. The song A Woman's Touch really inspired me to work harder on some of the out-of-the-way places in our home.

    I appreciate how you mentor me even though our ages are close. Bless you!

  11. Oh Jessy you did score! Baking is Fall alright. I talked to my dad last night. He's been baking for days and giving nearly all of it away. It's fun to surprise friends and even strangers with little gifts of kindness.

    God bless you!

  12. I love those mornings where the house is quiet, and I can reflect. Thanks for sharing and stopping by too.

  13. This is such an interesting post. I wish I had a homeschooling group close by to attend. This reminded me of reading my great-grandfather's journals because he would tell how his day was like this too. It was so interesting.

  14. Laura, As always it is a pleasure to read your Daybooks. They always leave me feeling cozy inside. :-)

  15. Thank you Crystal. Your words encouraged me.
    I am considering starting a hs group in my town. Maybe you could find a few other moms and agree to meet for coffee or tea once a month. Often librarians can help connect you with other moms.

  16. Sounds like a good book.
    Enjoy fall. :)


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