Monday, February 29, 2016

A Few To Dos

Just a few to dos for the next few days....

~ Dusting
~ Make menu
~ Sweep the floors
~ Laundry
~ Take down the February tree

~ Take bar soap from mold
~ Make foaming hand soap
~ Make deodorant

~ Check science
~ Update records (I've started!)
~ Help with math

~ Knit a bit
~ Quilt a bit
~ Sew ends in on washcloths
~ Sew snowman ornies

What do you plan to do?

...doing what I can with what I've got
where I am on a short shoestring budget!
Note... I did not make the toothpaste, because a friend gave me several tubes of toothpaste this week. Thank you Rhonda!

Monday Over the Moon
The Art of Homemaking    Modest Mondays - Living Proverbs 31


  1. That's a good list! I bought a pre-owned Cricut this week & want to make a birthday banner! I also want to relearn how to use my sewing machine & make a pillow bed for our puppy.

  2. I plan to sit on my tail and do nothing, but the realities of life have other plans for me, so I guess I will be washing clothes and cleaning the house. It's a shame because my plan sounded a lot more fun.

  3. My big plans for the week will be grocery shopping and sweeping and mopping floors. I don't always make my goals on the day I hope but I do my best. Laundry day is coming up to.

  4. Very nice list, my friend...
    I'm doing one small task a day during lent.
    Seems to be working!
    Today I dusted the picture shelf...But really took my time and dusted and admired each photo with fond memories. : )
    Have a cozy week!

  5. I'm a list kind of girl and I love crossing off the list the tasks that I have completed. Thanks for sharing your week with us at #Overthemoon link up.

  6. Hi Laura! Your flowers are so pretty! I've got a few things on my plate this week outside the normal. Tomorrow is Avalon's 7th birthday so we'll be doing party stuff tomorrow. Sometime this week I need to organize my desk and crafting area because I'm getting ready to get my ebooks finished up, and this weekend I have a lovely women's conference to attend and have some me time! yay! ;) Hope your week is beautiful!


  7. Flowers are beautiful.
    You have a good list... Hope you got a lot done.
    I did 2 loads of laundry, Mopped the floors, dusted and
    cleaned out bathroom cabinet and washed it out..[trying to do some
    spring organizing and de-cluttering each day

  8. Sounds good, Anne, but I don't get to do it very often. If I'm sitting, I'm usually doing something, even if it's reading a book for review.

  9. My list includes some of the same as yours and lots to do with our big move, lol. Never a dull moment here lately it seems. Hope you have a great day!


  10. Wow look at all the marked off the list! I love those kind of lists!
    I'm trying to be thriftier. We're trying to have a patio garden. We/I
    really just me loves fresh produce. Hopefully it won't be too hot this year and I'll get a harvest.
    Have a good Wednesday

  11. Hi Lynn
    I'm hoping to have a small garden too. I'm working on the to dos.

  12. Good for you Judy! You've gotten a lot done. Want to come over? ~smile~

  13. May God help you get it all done Jill!

  14. Good Morning Laura!
    Thanks for stopping by my little place for a glad that you found my little ironing board cover tutorial helpful! I left a reply answering your questions...hope that helps! If not, please let me know. Continuing to pray for your husband and his job comforting to know that God is in control and that He is good...all the time!
    Have a blessed day!

  15. Great goals!!!! I hope you have a beautiful week friend. Hugs!

  16. Great job on your "to do" list. Want to help with mine? Mine rarely get crossed off LOL.

  17. Thanks Kelly!
    I'm working on it. I had my 6'3 son help with dusting things up high yesterday!

  18. You too, Mrs. Chrissy!
    Be blessed!

  19. Thanks! I appreciate it so much Laura. Still nothing but he's still looking. Be blessed!

  20. That sounds like a good plan Billie Jo!
    Be happy this weekend!

  21. Hi Michelle,
    Want to mop my floors? It didn't make it to my list. It sure needs done though. ~smile~
    Have a pleasant weekend,


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